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Oracle 21c is now released on the cloud. And in this blog I am just testing my first database creation . As earlier release dbca is still present. Just launch it

[[email protected] admin]$ dbca

After The creation some query to verify

SQL> select comp_name,version,status from dba_registry;

COMP_NAME                                VERSION    STATUS
---------------------------------------- ---------- ----------
Oracle Database Catalog Views   VALID
Oracle Database Packages and Types VALID
Oracle Real Application Clusters OPTION OFF
JServer JAVA Virtual Machine    VALID
Oracle XDK                      VALID
Oracle Database Java Packages   VALID
OLAP Analytic Workspace         VALID
Oracle XML Database             VALID
Oracle Workspace Manager        VALID
Oracle Text                     VALID
Oracle Multimedia               VALID
Oracle OLAP API                 VALID
Spatial                         VALID
Oracle Locator                  VALID
Oracle Label Security           VALID
Oracle Database Vault           VALID

16 rows selected.

In coming blogs we will see some new features. Just we will note that it is no longer possible to create a non-cdb instance since Oracle 20c

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Mouhamadou Diaw
Mouhamadou Diaw

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