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Oracle Cloud: script to stop all PaaS services

By August 2, 2017 Cloud, Oracle No Comments

By Franck Pachot

With metered cloud services, keeping all your instances running may become expensive. The goal is to start them only when you need them. Here is a script that stops all instances you have on the Oracle Cloud Service PaaS. You can schedule it for example to stop them at the end of the business day, or when they are not active for a long time. The scripts use the REST API called with curl, JSON output parsed with jq, HTTP status explained with links.

In the first part of the script, I set the variables. Set them to your user:password, identity domain, cloud service url, ssh key:

u="[email protected]:MyPassword"
k="ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCxAEm1WHYbJa50t61YhM53u4sljjSFGK458fgdljjkNqfihcRxSf2ENw6iaYhiBTPogG9IDaEqW+SbwpororD2/bep16/hHybGswD34jU7bf9kaaKi5gOgASChid4e322zrnwOtlzfHiiquhiUDgLwpQxCYVV5zU1RQ2NS3F3a45bepqkn/GuPY5x/KSn576+7HBCYVbao/PTwZAeTVbo6Xb4ZQQrOIsLJxxDCQsr0/g7ZS8/OJHt8kotydu13n3rANB2y312XtTsW9mAwpfXuCuqDM5+dIjUdmtflkYtqsfrqSpLevVfVt1L7hqo+JGo7OBO0doVs6lQSCblZhYHh [email protected]"

Here is the script. It starts to download the certificate if not already there. Then queries for all non stopped services and stops them. Finally, the last line displays the status of all services.

[ -f cacert.pem ] || curl --remote-name --time-cond cacert.pem
for s in $( curl -s --request GET --cacert cacert.pem --user $u --header "X-ID-TENANT-NAME:$i" $r/paas/service/dbcs/api/v1.1/instances/$i | jq -r '.services[]|select(.status!="Stopped")|.service_name' )
# call the 'Stop service' REST API and get the http status
httpstatus=$(curl --include --request POST --cacert cacert.pem --user $u --header "X-ID-TENANT-NAME:$i" --header "Content-Type:application/json" --data '{"lifecycleState":"Stop"}' $r/paas/service/dbcs/api/v1.1/instances/$i/$s | awk '{print >"/dev/stderr"} /^HTTP/{print $2}')
# look for http status in documentation
links -dump -width 300 | grep -B 1 -A 1 " $httpstatus "
sleep 1
curl -s --request GET --cacert cacert.pem --user $u --header "X-ID-TENANT-NAME:$i" $r/paas/service/dbcs/api/v1.1/instances/$i | jq .

The script requires:

  • curl to call the REST API
  • jq to format and extract the returned JSON
  • links to get the HTTP status description from the documentation

The Cloud is all about automation and the REST API makes it very easy to do from command line or script.

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