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Oracle GoldenGate 19c: Cannot register Integrated EXTRACT due to ORA-44004

The global_name in an oracle database has a direct impact on the Golden Gate Extract process registration we need to do when we create an Integrated Extract.

In my example below, I use Oracle GoldenGate MicroServices architecture but the same behaviour occurs with Oracle GoldenGate Classic architecture.


Let’s start with the creation of the Extract process by clicking on the plus button :


Choose Integrated Extract and click on Next button:

Fulfill all mandatory fields:


Add the list of tables you want to replicate:


Click on Create and Run the process. After a few seconds, the following error message appears :

An integrated extract must to be registered into the database and this is the registration process which fails.

By checking into the report file, we see that Logmining server does not exist on the database. This error is a consequence of the extract registration process failure.


The problem is Oracle GoldenGate doesn’t support the character “-” in the GLOBAL_NAME:

SQL> select * from global_name;


SQL> sho parameter db_domain

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
db_domain     string

The solution is to modify the db_domain and rename the global_name :

SQL> alter system set db_domain='' scope=spfile;

System altered.

SQL> alter database rename global_name to DB1.ITDBISERVICES.COM;

Database altered.

Let’s now try create the Extract Process:

Now it works :

Let’s check the report file by clicking in Action/details button :


The new global_name (DB1.ITDBISERVICES.COM) is now active  and Logminig server is enabled into the database.

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Lazhar Felahi
Lazhar Felahi