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1st day at Oracle Open World ’14 : news on the upcoming Oracle WebLogic 12.2.1

Landing on Sunday 28th, after a 13 hours’ trip my colleague Franck Pachot and I had just the time to do the registration, go to the hotel, and go back to the “Welcome Reception” where we could eat something. After a night where I could feel the jet lag 🙂 we where ready to “participate” in this amazing event, the Oracle Open World 2014.

The first session I attended was the keynote where new challenges were exposed, “moving” old 20 years applications; building new infrastructures with less budget as the money is put more to the business applications to fullfill the user demands and expectations; Big Data where the analyzes but also the delivery of the results has to be fast. To resume we are in a period where the infrastructure is changing by using more and more the cloud but the approach to deal with the new challenges has also to be changed to integrate this new digital world.

Another interesting session was the one from Mr. William Lyons about the Oracle WebLogic server strategy and roadmap. He talked about the Cloud Application Foundation like mobile development productivity, Foundation for Fusion Middleware and Application, High Availability, performance, multi-tenancy, cloud management and operation aso. He first recapitulated the new features from WebLogic 12.1.2 like the management of Coherence, Oracle HTTP server, webtier using only one tool like WLS console, WLST or OFMW console. He also talked about the dabatase integration with GriLink, RAC, multi tenant database, application continuity and Database Resident Connection Pool which improves the performance.

He passed then to the new features from 12.1.3 which has been released in June 2014. This new version improves functionnalities in the Fusion MiddleWare, Mobile as well as in High Availability areas. The developper can now have a free development license, they can install the product by using a zip version which contains also the patches. WebLogic 12.1.3 supports Java EE7 AND 8.

The next release which is plan for 2015 is WebLogic 12.2.1. With this version the multitenancy concept is covered where domain partition can be used to isolate resources for the different tenants. Regarding Java it will be fully compliant with Java EE7 and 8.

In this first day lots of information have been ingested but they have to be digested in the next weeks 🙂

Let’s see what will happend in the next days!

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Gérard Wisson
Gérard Wisson

Head of Delivery and Principal Consultant