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Today was the day 0 for the oracle Openworld 2018. The event is officially not started but there were many nice entertainments to discover and enjoy San Francisco.
The one Gregory Steulet (CFO of dbi services) and myself participated was the bike ride organized by Bryn Llewellyn who is the PL/SQL Product Manager. There were also Mike Dietrich (Master Product Manager) ,Franck Pachot (Oracle Master 12c and ACE Director) and many other people

After renting bikes, we start the tour on the Goldengate Bridge. It was wonderful. The weather was not so bad.
After the Goden gate Bridge, we continue around San Francisco Bay and we did many stops to fill the batteries.


After a long biking and after a good lunch, we took the boat to go back.

Tomorrow is the big day, the official start of the OpenWorld 2018 with multiple sessions.

Sure that we will come again to summarize the sessions we will attend

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Mouhamadou Diaw
Mouhamadou Diaw