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Today is my second day of Oracle OpenWorld 2018. I can now go to the Moscone Center without GPS (cool) and then I decided to follow a MySQL session (my boss will be happy). Yes my first session was Using the MySQL Binary Log as a Change Stream by Luis Soares, Software Development Director, Oracle
The speaker explains what are the binary logs.
How to initialize the binary logs and how to manage them
How to inspect them
What Changed on MySQL 8
He also explained how these binary logs can be combined with other tools in a case of replication.

With ProxySQL

With Gh-ost

Using the binary logs we can also undo some transactions (feature not developped by Oracle) but by the community

And the conclusion
My second session was DBAs Versus Autonomous Databases. It was a very funny session but a very interesting topic. The Speaker started by doing a remind of the different version of Oracle since the beginning.
Another funny picture
And the famous topic
And still the famous question
So everybody will understand that the session was very exciting with many questions.

After this session I decided to follow a session about Oracle Sharding. The session was animated by
Mark Dilman, Senior Director, Software Development, Oracle
Srinagesh Battula, Sr. Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Gairik Chakraborty, Senior Director,Database Administration, Epsilon

They start by defining what is Sharding, how to setup, how to manage queries and so on. You can see this blog to understand what is Sharding. And Then after they talk about the New Features on Oracle 19c.


As you can see the quality of pictures may be better, but there are lot people and it’s not easy to take pictures.
After I visit some stands and this was the end of my day.
See you tomorrow for my Day 3.

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Mouhamadou Diaw
Mouhamadou Diaw