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Today my first session was about GDPR Data Security in the GDPR Era. It was presented by
Joao Nunes, IT Senior Manager, NOS
Tiago Rocha, Database Administrator, “Nos Comunicaões, Sa.”
Eric Lybeck, Director, PwC
The speakers started by presenting what is GDPR which is a new law protecting data for European citizens. After they explain the changes for companies about this new law.
They talk about the GDPR articles related to Oracle Database Security.
And they conclude by underlining that the technical to be compliant with GDPR is not the most important part and then companies must have well documented processes.
My second session was Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool: Know Your Security Posture Before Hackers Do presented by
Pedro Lopes, DBSAT and EMEA Field Product Manager, Oracle
Marella Folgori, Oracle
Riccardo D’Agostini, Responsabile Progettazione Data Security, Intesa Sanpaolo
This session was about the new Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) which can help to discover sensitive personal data, identify database users and their entitlements, and understand the configuration and operational security risks. This tool is free for Oracle customers.
I think this picture will help to better understand DBSAT
They also presented new features in the upcoming vesion. Note that actually only CIS rules are included
My last session was Multitenant Security Features Clarify DBA Role in DevOps Cloud presented
Franck Pachot, Database Engineer, CERN
Pieter Van Puymbroeck, Database Administrator, Exitas NV
We will not present Franck Pachot and as usual the session was exciting. It was about security in a multitenant environment.
The speakers explain how privileges can be restricted using lockdown profiles in a multitenant environment.
And to finish this beautiful picture

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Mouhamadou Diaw
Mouhamadou Diaw