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David Hueber

OOW Day 3: Oracle Database Appliance and Cloud Computing with OEM

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In my second blog about OpenWorld, I gave an overview of the Engineered Solutions portfolio, which just got enhanced with Exalytics. Today I’m going to focus a bit more on the Database Appliance product and how this box works. I had the chance to go a session called “New! Database Appliance: Secrets revealed”, which provided more information on its architecture and functionalities.

After that I want to highly a interesting use case made by DELL and pointing out the usage of the brand new Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for Cloud computing.

But before that let’s have a look on the Database Appliance secrets…

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David Hueber

Flying with “Air Oracle”

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Finally after a 18 hours, doors-to-doors, journey I’m arrived in San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld 2011. My trip started in Basel, making a stop in Paris and then an 11 hours flight to San Francisco. Even with the on-board movies this kind of flight are still quite boring, but the funny things is that I really though that I was flying with “Air Oracle“…

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Stéphane Haby

SQL Server Tuning: Detect SPARSE columns candidate

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dbi services search and test all tools or functions possible to optimize or to win something to propose the best tuning possible in their client.
The property of Spare columns is not the most used in client environment that we have seen.
This article present a script to find the potential columns that can have the sparse property with the usage restrictions to make a space tuning in your database and especially for Data Warehouse (DWH).

The database example that we used, is AdventureWorksDW2008R2.

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Stéphane Haby

Changing the reference instance for SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS)

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In my experience, I have seen many clients do not know how to do when they have multiple databases instances and Integration Servicet for manage the end of the instance that is the reference for Integration Services.

When Integration Service is installed with the instance “TOTO” and that it is at the end of his life, we’ll see how to transfer information to the second instance “TITI”. We present you a small working method to transfer information correctly.

Only the folders transfert is presented in this article and the  transfert of the SSIS packages are explained at the end.

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Oracle Team

LOB : « enq : HW contention » 

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Aprés le post sur « Utilisons les securefile », revenons sur le sujet LOB avec une approche performance, stockage.

 Nous rencontrons parfois des modèles de données étranges, nous aurions envies en tant que DBA de tout reprendre à zéro pour refaire un modele relationnel en 3em forme normal (3NF), plus efficace et mieux conçu dans notre « RDBMS » favori, mais la réalité étant ce qu’elle est nous devons faire avec et au mieux.

De plus Oracle n’est pas qu’une base de données relationnelle 🙂 on l’oublie trop souvent.

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Yann Neuhaus

Oracle space management & recycle bin

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This post describes some basic Oracle database management issues database administrators might be confronted with. It is about space management and differences observed while monitoring the available space from several point of views (tablespace/datafile) in Grid Control 11g. It also relates and explains an issue (ORA-01652) observed on pre 11.2 Oracle releases (targets) concerning the tablespace/datafile space management and the recycle bin. First of all, a simple example: let’s check the used and available space…

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