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Stéphane Haby

Sté[email protected] 2012: Episode 1 – the Pre-Conf. Seminar

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This morning, I was very happy to go to my first TechEd. Between the 10 seminars, as I said yesterday, I started with SQL Server 2008R2/2012 performance, tuning and optimization session. The thing is that we had just one session for the whole day. I will not copy the presentation of the 2 speakers (Thomas LaRock and Denny Cherry) who presented remarkably this session despite the failure of air conditioning during the morning. Fortunately, it…

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Gérard Wisson

Connecting to the WebLogic Node Manager using WLST in a Production domain

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In a WebLogic server domain set as a Production domain, when we try to connect to the Node Manager with WLST we get the following error: Cannot connect to Node Manager. : Access to domain ‘testcluster’ for user ‘weblogic’ denied This blog gives the solution to solve the issue. First of all, we observe that the Node Manager is working fine because it is accessible with the WLS admin console and the managed servers can…

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Open source Team

PostgreSQL: une présentation

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En 2012, les principaux systèmes de gestion de bases de données relationnelles (SGBDR) sur le marché sont propriétaires. Nous parlons régulièrement d’Oracle Database, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server. En dehors de ces solutions commerciales, il existe un SGDBR open-source largement utilisé: il s’agit de PostgreSQL et il est l’objet de cet article.

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Yann Neuhaus

SQL Server: Attunity connectors for data transfer to Oracle

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Recently, at a customer site, I discovered the Attunity connector 1.1 for Oracle. The customer uses this connector to transfer data from Oracle to SQL Server using Integration Services (SSIS) and informed me that performances are greatly improved. So I decided to post a blog about this connector and perform a benchmark between Attunity connector and Microsoft OLE DB provider for Oracle.

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