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Yann Neuhaus

Oracle RunInstaller crashes while installing Cloud Control 12c on OEL 5.7

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A few days ago I downloaded the Cloud Control 12c binaries for Linux x86_64 from the Oracle Technet.

My friend, Hervé Schweitzer, configured an OEL 5.7 VM for test purpose and I was quite eager to install this new software. I checked the O.S settings, the required parameters, aso …, everything was fine. My OMS repository database ( was ready. Unfortunately, as soon as I started the installer, it directly crashed.

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David Hueber

OpenWorld 2011 is over … Having a last glance on ASM & disk failures

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So we are now arrived at the end of the largest Oracle OpenWorld ever. Around 45’000 people had joined San Francisco to exchange around IT and especially Oracle technologies.
It has been a great conference with much of interesting sessions and as each year several announcements: Enterprise Manager 12c, Exalytics and Oracle Public Cloud.

For my last post about OOW11, I want to talk about the last session I attended. Who said that the late sessions are usually having less interest? I personally was lucky enough to attend a great presentation held by Oak Table member, Alex Gorbachev. Alex used ASM to demonstrate how hardware and software fault tolerance mechanisms, especially mirroring, are affected by different parameters such MTBF.

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David Hueber

OOW Day 3: Oracle Database Appliance and Cloud Computing with OEM

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In my second blog about OpenWorld, I gave an overview of the Engineered Solutions portfolio, which just got enhanced with Exalytics. Today I’m going to focus a bit more on the Database Appliance product and how this box works. I had the chance to go a session called “New! Database Appliance: Secrets revealed”, which provided more information on its architecture and functionalities.

After that I want to highly a interesting use case made by DELL and pointing out the usage of the brand new Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for Cloud computing.

But before that let’s have a look on the Database Appliance secrets…

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David Hueber

Flying with “Air Oracle”

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Finally after a 18 hours, doors-to-doors, journey I’m arrived in San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld 2011. My trip started in Basel, making a stop in Paris and then an 11 hours flight to San Francisco. Even with the on-board movies this kind of flight are still quite boring, but the funny things is that I really though that I was flying with “Air Oracle“…

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