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David Hueber

NetBackup command lines – Tips

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NetBackup provides a pretty nice Web Interface, OpsCenter, to monitor and check the basic configuration. However after working a while with it, you may find that some information can be quit boring to find out. Good news! Symantec didn’t forget that in Unix World some peoples still like working in command lines… Once connected through SSH on your NetBackup server, you will have access to a bunch of usefull tools to work with your media…

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Yann Neuhaus

Monitoring 11g databases with Grid Control

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The Metalink note 949858.1 describes problems with agents monitoring 11g databases – this might be the case if you have an “old” Grid Infrastructure you did not want to upgrade yet. The 11g databases are generating errors in both the alert.log and the log.xml file. The agent agent seems to have problem with this. This posting will show you what to do.

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David Hueber

Oracle Basics (1): Oracle Database vs Oracle Instance

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While beginning to work with Oracle, one of the most common confusion is between Oracle database and Oracle instance. At most of the time the term Oracle Database is used to designate the whole Oracle RDBMS architecture. However looking deeper in what is an Oracle RDBMS Server, we can see that it is compose of 2 entities, the database and the instance.


So lets have a look to the difference between database and instance.

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