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Yann Neuhaus

Simulating database-like I/O activity with Flexible I/O

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You do not want to install or configure swingbench, load runner etc. – just to test the performance of your I/O system based on filesystems? Then Flexible I/O is the right tool for you. This post provides an overview. In order to simulate Oracle database I/O workload on filesystems, ORION cannot be used since it only uses raw or block devices (scratching the filesystem). To simulate Oracle database I/O behaviour on filesystems, we can use…

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Hervé Schweitzer

How to debug a Data Pump error

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Recently, I had an Oracle error with Data Pump at a Customer, which was not easy to localize. Here is the error I received during a DBIOWNER schema export with Data Pump:

ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

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Grégory Steulet

MySQL Workbench 5.2: changing the life of MySQL developers and DBAs

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MySQL Workbench provides several necessary tools in order to manage a MySQL environment. MySQL Workbench 5.2 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, it encapsulates three main functionalities:

1.    SQL Development: Allows connecting to existing databases and run SQL Queries, SQL scripts, edit data and manage database objects. This functionality replaces the ones previously provided by the Query Browser stand-alone application.

2.    Data Modeling: Helps to create and manage models, allows forward & reverse engineering and provides capability to compare and synchronize schemas

3.    Server Administration: Helps to configure a database server, to setup user accounts and browse status variables and server logs


Let’s have a look deeper in each of those features:

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Oracle Team

SQL Developer 3.0 : prêt pour les DBA

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La nouvelle version d’Oracle SQL Developer (version est prête pour les administrateurs de base de données/DBA (voici une vidéo sur cette version). Elle s’est vue agrémentée d’outils nécessaires aux tâches d’administration. Les tests ci-dessous vous présentent, à travers quelques copies d’écrans, les fonctionnalités de l’outil,  en espérant vous donner l’envie de l’adopter.

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Oracle Team

LOB : Utilisons les SecureFiles

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Le stockage des LOB est souvent négligé lors de la création des tables. Hors les choix de stockage ont un impact sur la performance d’accès aux données. nous allons voir rapidement dans cet article l’avantage à utiliser le stockage SecureFiles proposé par Oracle à partir de la version 11gR1.

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