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David Barbarin

SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.1 – A replacement of DBCC PAGE command?

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Did you ever use the famous DBCC PAGE command? Folks who are interested in digging further to the SQL Server storage already use it for a while. We also use it during our SQL Server performance workshop by the way. But the usage of such command may sometimes go beyond and it may be used for some troubleshooting scenarios. For instance, last week, I had to investigate a locking contention scenario where I had to…

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Thomas Rein

DOAG 2018: OVM or KVM on ODA?

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The DOAG 2018 is over, for me the most important topics were in the field of licensing. The insecurity among the users is great, let’s take virtualization on the ODA, for example: The starting point: The customer uses Oracle Enterprise Edition, has 2 CPU licenses, uses Dataguard as disaster protection on 2 ODA X7-2M systems and wants to virtualize, he also has 2 application servers that are also to be virtualized. Sure, if I use…

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Nicolas Jardot

AWS re:invent 2018 warm up

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The Cloud is now part of our job so we have to get a deeper look on the available services to understand and take best advantage of them. The annual AWS conference re:invent has started tonight in The Venetian at Las Vegas and will last until Friday. Today was a bit special because there were no sessions yet but instead I was able to participate to a ride to Red Rock canyon on a Harley Davidson…

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Yann Neuhaus

Flashback to the DOAG conference 2018

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Each year, since the company creation in 2010, dbi services attends the DOAG conference in Nürnberg. Since 2013 we even have a booth. The primary goal of participating to the DOAG Conference, is to get an overview about the main trends in the Oracle business. Furthermore, this conference and our booth allow us to welcome our Swiss and German customers and thank them for their trust. They’re always pleased to receive some nice Swiss Chocolate…

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Pascal Brand

DOAG 2018: Key word: “Docker”

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In my blog about the DOAG Last year I said that saw a growing interest on the automatic deployment tools and Docker containers. This year confirmed the interest. They were a lot of presentations about Docker containers, Kubernetes, OpenShift. This for the database stream, the DevOps stream but also the Middleware one. I numbered more than 25 sessions where the keyword Docker appeared in the Abstract. Despite my will, I was not able to assist…

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Elisa Usai

My first presentation at the DOAG – “MySQL 8.0 Community: Ready for GDPR?”

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This year I participated for the first time to the DOAG, the conference which takes place in November in Nuremberg. Here some key words about this event: Oracle and other technologies, 2000 visitors, more than 400 sessions, more than 800 abstracts sent, exhibitors… And for me everything started when in June I decided to send an abstract for a MySQL session.

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Clemens Bleile

Technical and non-technical sessions at the DOAG 2018

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The amazing DOAG 2018 conference is over now. As every year we saw great technical as well as great non-technical sessions. What impressed me was the non-technical presentation “Zurück an die Arbeit – Wie aus Business-Theatern wieder echte Unternehmen werden” (back to work – how business theatres become real business company again) provided by Lars Vollmer. It was very funny, but also thought-provoking. Lars started with the provocative sentence that people do work too less….

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Jérôme Witt

DOAG 2018 – Fazit: it’s not only about Oracle anymore

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Amazing conference, amazing people and awesome party like every year  and of course great networking like every year This year, I was quite impressed about the number of different technologies. Speeches were not only centered around the big red O. As already summarized, by my colleague Alain yesterday: DOAG 2018 – Not only database – Docker and Kubernetes rule the world Open Source RDBMS, containers and microservices are arising much more quickly than cloud computing…

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Pierre-Yves Brehier

DOAG 2018 – What to learn from a battle on IT technologies?

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This year’s my 6th participation with dbi services at the DOAG Conference + Exhibition Nuremberg (as a “non-techie” attendee, no need to say), but it was my very first battle on IT technologies. And it was fun! On the DOAG 2018 Conference + Exhibition DOAG 2018 Conference + Exhibition is taking place November 20 – 23, 2018 in Nuremberg. Participants have the opportunity to attend a three-day lecture program with more than 400 talks and…

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Alain Lacour

DOAG 2018 – Not only database – Docker and Kubernetes rule the world

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The DOAG Konferenz is about everything around the Oracle database and Oracle technologies. But this year, as stated in the blog of Daniel Westermann more and more open source as well as “hype” subjects from which Docker and Kubernetes are very popular. Looking at the program we can see about 20 presentations on those 2 technologies: DevOps mit der Oracle Datenbank Oracle, PostgreSQL, Docker und Kubernetes bei der Mobiliar Docker und die Oracle Fusion Middleware…

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