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Julia Gugel – Welcome to the community

By October 18, 2019 Postgres No Comments

On tuesday I started my journey to Milan to attend my first, which was also my first big conference. I was really excited what will come up to me. How will it be, to become a visible part of the community. How will it be, to give my first presentation in front of so many people?

The conference started with the welcome and opening session. It took place in a huge room, to give all of the participants a seat. Really amazing, how big this community is and it is still growing. So many people from all over the world (Japan, USA, Chile, Canada….) attending this conference.

And suddenly I realized, this is the room, where I have to give my session. Some really strange feelings came up. This is my first presentation at a conference, this is the main stage, there is space for so many people! And I really hoped, they will make it smaller for me. But there was something else: Anticipation.

But first I want to give you some impressions from my time at the pgconf. Amazing to talk to one of the main developers of Patroni. I was really nervous when I just went to him and said: “Hi, may I ask you a question?” For sure he didn’t say NO. Even all the other ladies and gentlemen I met (the list is quite long), they all are so nice and all of them really open minded (is this because they all work with an open source database?). And of course a special thanks to Pavel Golub for the great picture. Find it in Daniel’s blog
Beside meeting all that great people, I enjoyed some really informative and cool sessions.

Although I still hoped they are going to make the room smaller for my presentation, of course they didn’t do it. So I had only one chance:

And I did it and afterwards I book it under “good experience”. A huge room is not so much different than a small one.

As I am back home now, I want to say: Thanks and dbi services for giving me this opportunity and thanks to the community for this warm welcome.

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Julia Gugel
Julia Gugel