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This year the Postgres Vision 2020 conference was a Free Virtual Event that took place on June 23-24, 2020 and the Postgres Vision Theme was “Postgres is for builders”

Experts, IT professionals and Postgres community leaders from all around the world were talking about the future of Postgres, real-world stories, Postgres in the cloud, Postgres containerized but also this year there were also sessions focusing on how developers are building scalable and secure applications.


In the following URL, Ed Boyajian, EDB CEO has posted a short video introducing Postgres Vision 2020

Now, once logged in,  let’s get in the virtual Expo Hall

To access sessions you have to enter the theater where all sessions are displayed with their abstract and speaker(s).

My first session was “Power to Postgres”and it started on Tuesday: 23/06/2020 at 9:15am (local time)
I was immediately blown away by the huge number of people connected. It was coming from all over the world.
During this 45mn talk, Ed Boyajian, EDB CEO, was sharing his experience and vision for the Postgres movement along with stories of how organizations are leveraging Postgres to accelerate innovation.

His last words in this monologue were rather reassuring regarding the future of Postgres.
“This is the revolution and Postgres will win it, power to Postgres”

Following are only some of the “live” sessions I attended to and I won’t detailed them as it is possible, once registered to watch them again on demand (click on the registration button).

– “A Look at the Elephants Trunk – PostgreSQL 13” – Speaker : Magnus Hagander
– “What’s New in 3.0 and Coming in PostGIS 3.1?” – Speaker: Regina Obe
– “EDB Postgres Advanced Server – What’s New?” – Speaker: Rushabh Lathia
– “Table Partitioning in Postgres: How Far We’ve Come” – Speaker: Amit Langote


In these difficult times, especially because of Covid-19, this event was really a great success by its organization, by the quality of the speakers and their presentations. I think that in the future, this type of virtual event will become more widespread and allow a greater number of participants.
My only regret is that it does not allow to meet the participants, the speakers between sessions and to discuss with them.


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Saïd Mendi

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