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So, finally, PostgreSQL on the beach is over. During discussions it was mentioned that some companies had issues to justify sending people to a conference to Ibiza. It was not really clear if they wanted to avoid the impression of making holidays while going to a conference or if it was just about the location. I am not judging this at all but what I can tell: It was a great, very relaxed and very well organized conference. Of course people went to the beach for swimming during lunch break but that does not mean that there was no content. Just look at the scheduling and you will notice that there have been plenty of really good talks.

I believe there is not other conference where you can see Bruce like that (no bow tie at all):

Btw: If you want to see Bruce live in October you can do that. We’ll be organizing an event the 24th of October in Zürich: “How open source drives innovation”. You can not yet register but the event is listed on our website and Bruce already listed the event as well. Just follow us on the usual channels for updated information.

Very good news: There definitely will be PostgreSQL on the beach next year:

I only can encourage you to join. You will definitely learn a lot of stuff, meet great people and can do a lot of networking. At what conference you can have a view like this?:

Some impressions from some of the talks (I really can not paste pictures from all of them. Check Twitter if you want to see more):

A big thank to Álvaro and the whole team for making that possible:

See you next year in Ibiza.

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Daniel Westermann
Daniel Westermann

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