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Real life audience vs. Twitter audience

By Franck Pachot

I was looking at twitter analytics showing my top tweets in November and that puzzled me because tweets with the most ‘impressions’ and ‘engagement’ are related to events that had low audience in real. Any comment is welcome as it can help to understand why some events have low audience.

Here it is. I’ve put my thoughts in the orange box.

  • Impressions are the number of times a twitter user saw the tweet.
  • Engagement is user interaction: retweet, reply, favorite, follow, and any click on links, images, etc.


The top tweet is about Standard Edition 2 and it’s not a surprise because it’s something that brought a lot of questions, and answers are summarized here in an official slide from Oracle LMS. There are lot of questions about licencing (editions, virtualization, etc) and this tweet came from an event that addresses all that. It was in Lausanne, in a very nice hotel, with good speakers and great subjects, and with very good lunch in front of the lake. But there was not a lot of people at the event. It was ok, but I expected to see twice as many, like at the performance event we did in May.

The second tweet had nothing interesting in it. No information, not based on facts but on arbitrary numbers that mean nothing, nothing that helps for anything. I just wanted to see how people react to it and fortunately some followers have commented about that and about what information it can give – or not.

Third post is about the #repattack at DOAG. Usually it takes place in a room. Here I tried to make it easier to come: just a meeting point. When people have seen the tweet, one week before, they seemed to be interested. But then there are other parameter that come. Several good sessions at the same time. Lot of other activities. Encounter people elsewhere. Not everyone has his laptop with him at the event. Etc.

I’ve two remarks about that. First one is that I’m still very sceptic about Big Data analysis on twitter feeds. What makes great audience on social networks may not reflect real life interests. Second one is that it’s very difficult to forecast how many people will come at a small events. Congratulations to people that organizes those meetups and local events. It’s a hard job but we need to meet each others in real.

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