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Guillaume Meunier and I went to SharePoint Event 2015 in Paris on Saturday 30, May.

This event was well organized and on time! We learned about the news features regarding SharePoint, related to B.I, SQL, governance, collaboration & Communication, Workflow and Process System.

The sessions we followed are:

How OneDrive Company revolutionized storing files in my business
Almost all companies use the SMB file system and deployment networks on workstations to store and centralize the documents produced by the company. With SharePoint 2013 it is OnPremise Online or you can reach this feature by providing mobility, the Offline mode and Full Web mode. As part of implementation of document management, the first step to store and organize documents. In addition, when audit quality, work for the listener is that easier. This session was presented by Trelohan kevin and Hans Brender.

Making SharePoint Governance work for Businesses, IT and Users
With every SharePoint implementation comes the issue of governance. We all need it, but no one wants to do it. This session show us – in a practical way – how to implement a good governance practice that will engage users, it and business users throughout the entire lifetime of your SharePoint Platform. We had an overview of the practical tools and methods to overcome most issues we have to deal with, and a complete framework for SharePoint governance was shared. This session was the latest revision of the SharePoint Governance session delivered by Anders Skjoenaa.


Integrating SharePoint into everyday working methods for a successful user adoption
Regarding SharePoint implementation, for any organization it means being aware of a significant investment: Human and Financial.
Once the platform deployment and content migration achieved, many companies face with the same issue: low usage by their business users.
AvePoint show us theirs solutions in order to enhanced Business Users daily methods: better management of internal meetings and projects directly in SharePoint, sharing content from SharePoint with external stakeholders, using Outlook/Office to register directly documents into SharePoint, a portal to access individualized services catalogs depending on the business needs.Top of Form
A session presented by Emmanuel Deletang from Avepoint.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery in SharePoint 2013 with SQL Server Always On Availability Groups!
SQL Server is really the brain of SharePoint; in this session, Serge Luca (SharePoint MVP) and Isabelle Van Campenhoudt (SQL Server MVP) gave us an overview of what any SharePoint consultant and DBA need to know regarding business continuity in SharePoint 2013. Of course SQL Server plays a major role in this story.
Topics covered:

  • Concepts of business continuity
  • SharePoint and Business continuity
  • Patterns and anti-patterns
  • SharePoint and SQL Server Always on Availability groups: what works, what doesn’t work (demos) (HA and DR)


If you need more information regarding SQL Server, please feel free to contact our exterts: Stephane Haby, David Barbarin & Stephane Savorgano.

Power BI 365
Power BI is THE BI brick Office 365. Power BI is THE BI brick Office 365.
Resolutely oriented Self-Service BI, it is intended for users who handle data in their trade. But how, when we are not specialist in Business Intelligence?
This session make a complete tour of the Power of BI functionalities: Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map, Power Q & A Site Power BI, BI Power App. It makes us discover and understand the value added of the Self-service BI for Users.

A quick reminder: dbi services BI specialist is Matthieu Munch, do not hesitate to contact him if you need more information regarding BI tools and consulting.


Automate processes with SharePoint?
When talking about business process automation or BPM solutions, the SharePoint limits are often reached. Then there several possibilities: develop custom solutions, transform customer needs, and use third-party solutions (as Nintex for example). There is never a single right way to go, but, the most succeed process, I would say: theBEST PRACTICES for the Business Owner drives to satisfaction. We had a presentation of various methods and their impact on costs, the capabilities and constraints they induce.

The latest session was driven by all the MVP Team, it was a summary around MS Ignite Session relating the New Features for SharePoint 2016.

Please have a look at this blog regarding this subject: SharePoint 2016: What’s new? And What to expect?

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