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Sometimes, it’s hard to find how to analyze a Warning in the SCOM Interface and correct the problem.

By a customer, we install new instances in SQL Server 2019 and change the version of SCOM.

All new servers have a warning on the Health.

The first step in the SCOM interface is to go to the SQL Server Roles:

On this step, the most important is to open the Health Explorer and not double-click or click properties. If you do not open the Health Explorer, you will not see the problem.

In the Health Explorer, the “Entity Health” and the “Configuration” give not so much explanations but the “Securables Configuration Status” indicates what the problem is.


In the State Change Events Tab, we can see the real problem “Securables access status is bad

In my case, it’s just some permissions to adjust in the master and msdb.

To see the resolution, you can read my other article “SQL Server: Replace the old SCOM login by the new one

I hope this can help you to analyze and resolve your issue with the SCOM Configuration if needed.




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Stéphane Haby
Stéphane Haby

Delivery Manager and Senior Consultant