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Oracle Team

Oracle Database 12c: ACFS – un système de fichier pour vos bases

By | Technology Survey | One Comment

La version 12c d’Oracle Grid Infrastructure introduit de nombreuses nouveautĂ©s dans le support d’ACFS, le système de fichiers clusterisĂ©s d’Oracle. Nous abordons dans ce posting la capacitĂ© d’ACFS d’ĂŞtre le système de fichier de votre base de donnĂ©es ainsi que sa capacitĂ© de mise en Ĺ“uvre des snapshots. Rappel sur ACFS Ce système de fichier est apparu avec la version 11.2 du cluster Oracle. Il s’appuie sur ASM ainsi qu’ADVM pour ASM Dynamic Volume Manager. Il est…

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David Hueber

Oracle 12c Backup & Recovery: What’s new?

By | Database management | One Comment

After months of waiting, Oracle Database 12c is finally available. In this posting, I am going to provide a summary of the new features of Oracle 12c in terms Backup and Recovery. Pluggable, what else? For sure, the most remarkable change in this brand new version is the Pluggable Database or so called Multitenant Database concept, which is a huge change in the whole RDBMS architecture. So what does it offers in terms of Backup…

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Open source Team

Barman: une solution pour vos backups PostgreSQL

By | Hardware & Storage | 3 Comments

L’objet de ce posting est de dĂ©crire la mise en place et l’utilisation d’un gestionnaire de sauvegarde pour un cluster de  base postgresql. Barman – acronyme de “backup recovery manager”- pour PostgreSQL est le logiciel sur lequel nous nous pencherons. C’est un outil permettant de centraliser la gestion des sauvegardes dans une situation avec plusieurs serveurs. La sociĂ©tĂ© 2ndQuadrant est Ă  l’origine de ce projet qui a Ă©tĂ© financĂ© par une aide de la CEE….

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Hervé Schweitzer

RMAN backup is failing due to “corrupt blocks”

By | Hardware & Storage | No Comments

Last week, I was not able to complete a backup because of the ORA-19566 error: “exceeded limit of 0 corrupt blocks”. Here is what you can do to fix it. Starting Point: backup error Here is the starting point of this case. The following error is found in the RMAN Backup log file: allocated channel: ch1 channel ch1: sid=25 devtype=DISK Starting backup at 27-APR-11 channel ch1: starting incremental level 0 datafile backupset channel ch1: specifying…

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David Hueber

NetBackup command lines – Tips

By | Hardware & Storage | 4 Comments

NetBackup provides a pretty nice Web Interface, OpsCenter, to monitor and check the basic configuration. However after working a while with it, you may find that some information can be quit boring to find out. Good news! Symantec didn’t forget that in Unix World some peoples still like working in command lines… Once connected through SSH on your NetBackup server, you will have access to a bunch of usefull tools to work with your media…

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