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Oracle Team

OOW Day 1: Upgrading to Oracle Cloud Control 12c

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Today, we had the chance to attend interesting sessions under a perfect sunny Californian weather :-). The first one was about best practices for an upgrade to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. The session described the real case of a US company with a huge infrastructure and hundreds of databases monitored by Grid Control 11g and 800 agents. They wanted to migrate to Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud 12c and studied the different ways to realize the…

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Jérôme Witt

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 – the world is not enough: Larry’s keynote on Oracle 12c, etc.

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I am pretty sure you are wondering what Larry Ellison announced in his Oracle OpenWorld keynote, especially concerning Oracle 12c! In fact there were three major announcements, which I will cover in this posting. But first, let’s start with Fujitsu’s (Oracle Open World sponsor) announcement on a new SPARC technology. At the beginning of the session, Noriyuki Toyoki, Senior Vice President of Fujitsu Limited (which is this year the main sponsor of the OOW) introduced…

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Oracle Team

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Administration Groups & Template Collections

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This document describes the implementation of the
administration groups and template collections with Oracle Enterprise
Manager Cloud Control 12c.


Administration Groups (improvement of Grid 11g Target Groups) and Template Collections improve the management of targets and ease the monitoring strategy.


Administration Groups allow to organize targets according to several criteria. For instance the Lifecycle status of the target (prod, dev, integration), the location of the target can be used as criteria. The main goal is to apply common settings (i.e monitoring settings) to targets having the same purpose.


The first point about administration groups is to define a clear concept and the hierarchy between these several criteria. The administration groups must be organized in a convenient way according to the company organization. In the next chapter we will present how to handle the hierarchy existing in Cloud Control 12c in order to change it in an administration group organization fitting to the company structure.

The target property is used to implement automatically the target in the appropriate administration group.


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Yann Neuhaus

Replace a voting disk is so easy with Grid Infrastructure 11.2 & ASM!

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For a few day we had a quick request at a customer which was to replace a voting disk in an ASM disk group. The current ASM disk group (redundancy normal) had 3 disks : two located in one data center and one disk in another data center. The goal was to replace one voting disk (from the most used Data Center) with one disk coming from a third Data Center.

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Yann Neuhaus

Oracle RunInstaller crashes while installing Cloud Control 12c on OEL 5.7

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A few days ago I downloaded the Cloud Control 12c binaries for Linux x86_64 from the Oracle Technet.

My friend, Hervé Schweitzer, configured an OEL 5.7 VM for test purpose and I was quite eager to install this new software. I checked the O.S settings, the required parameters, aso …, everything was fine. My OMS repository database ( was ready. Unfortunately, as soon as I started the installer, it directly crashed.

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David Hueber

OOW Day 3: Oracle Database Appliance and Cloud Computing with OEM

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In my second blog about OpenWorld, I gave an overview of the Engineered Solutions portfolio, which just got enhanced with Exalytics. Today I’m going to focus a bit more on the Database Appliance product and how this box works. I had the chance to go a session called “New! Database Appliance: Secrets revealed”, which provided more information on its architecture and functionalities.

After that I want to highly a interesting use case made by DELL and pointing out the usage of the brand new Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for Cloud computing.

But before that let’s have a look on the Database Appliance secrets…

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