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Franck Pachot

Running SQL Server on the Oracle Free tier

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By Franck Pachot The Oracle Cloud is not only for Oracle Database. You can create a VM running Oracle Linux with full root access to it, even in the free tier: a free VM that will be always up, never expires, with full ssh connectivity to a sudoer user, where you are able to tunnel any port. Of course, there are some limits that I’ve detailed in a previous post. But that is sufficient to…

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Stéphane Haby

One day training @ Microsoft Azure Cloud Workshop

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Today, with my colleague Christophe, we follow the Microsoft Azure Training Day: Data and Analytics @ Microsoft Zürich (Wallisellen to be exact). After a presentation of SQL Server 2019, we begin with the First Lab about SQL Server 2019 and new features and we going through intelligent query processing, Data Discovery and Classification for personally identifiable information (PII) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and secure enclave. One of my favorites part of the lab…

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Daniel Westermann

Deploying your own PostgreSQL image on Nutanix Era

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Some days ago we had a very good training on Nutanix. Nutanix is a Hyper-converged infrastructure and that means that all is software driven and the system can be deployed on many hardware configurations. I will not go into the details of the system itself but rather look at one component/module which is called Era. Era promises to simplify database deployments by providing a clean and simple user interface (and an API) that provides deployment…

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Mehdi Bada

A day at DevOps World in Lisbon

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On this second day here at DevOps World in Lisbon, I built a very interesting and intensive program of sessions to attend which I will explain to you more in detail below. This was also the opportunity for us (Arnaud and I) to meet our main customer from whom we are working with Jenkins X each day. It is always interesting to be able to meet physically the people with whom we collaborate, even if…

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Stéphane Savorgnano

How to create an Azure SQL Database

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Azure SQL Database is a relational database-as-a-service (DBaaS) which gives us the possibility to create application with a performant database without to take care of the relying infrastructure. Azure SQL Database is based on the latest stable version of Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine. We have the choose between 2 purchasing models: a vCore-based purchasing model and a DTU-based (Database Throughput Unit) purchasing model. 3 Deployment options possible: single database: has its own set of…

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Stephane Biehler

OpenText Enterprise World Europe 2019 – Partner Day

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First day of the #OTEW here at the Austria International Center in Vienna, Guillaume Fuchs and I where invited to assist to the Partner Global sessions. Welcome to OTEW Vienna 2019 Mark J. Barrenechea, the OpenText’s CEO & CTO, started the day with some generic topics concerning the global trends and achievements like: More and More partners and sponsors Cloud integration direction Strong security brought to customers AI & machine learning new trend New customer…

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Oracle Team

Create a primary database using the backup of a standby database on 12cR2

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The scope of this blog will be to show how to create a primary role database based on a backup of a standby database on 12cR2. Step1: We are assuming that an auxiliary instance has been created and started in nomount mode. rman target / restore primary controlfile from ‘backup_location_directory/control_.bkp’; exit; By specifying “restore primary” , will modify the flag into the controlfile, and will mount a primary role instance instead of a standby one….

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Nicolas Jardot

AWS re:invent 2018 – Day 5 – Final day

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On Friday, it’s the last day for AWS re:Invent convention in Las Vegas. I didn’t know in advance what to expect because I have to admit that even if I started to use AWS, there is still a lot to learn. And that’s why I personally think working with technology is interesting, it’s always moving and there is always something new to investigate or learn. This morning, I attended a very interesting session about the life of…

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Nicolas Jardot

AWS re:invent 2018 – Day 4

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Thursday morning it’s time for the keynote from Dr Werner Vogels. A big part of the keynote was about databases again. Maybe AWS people knows that there are still lots of DBAs out there! It’s also again a focus on Amazon Aurora (relational), Dynamo DB (NoSQL) and AWS Redshift that are replacing Oracle databases Amazon was using. There was also a focus on how S3 works to maintain the best durability for the data. I’ve seen…

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