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Morgan Patou

Alfresco – Share Clustering fail with ‘Ignored XML validation warning’, again

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In a previous blog, I mentioned an issue that I faced when upgrading an Alfresco Content Services 5.2 to 6.1 on a VM with no internet access. The solution was simply to change one of the schema “URL” so that it can fallback to local references, meaning that it will try to check and find the schema definition inside the jar files present in the classpath. When upgrading this exact same VM from 6.1 to…

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David Hueber

ODA update-server to 19.12 fails on Patch GI with RHP

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Hardware & Storage, Operation systems, Oracle | No Comments

Sometimes giving a workshop is a good opportunities to test new things…this what happened to me today…  🙂 While giving an ODA workshop, I thought it was a good opportunity to test patching to the new 19.12 release. However during the update-server process we got a failure on the our ODA update to 19.12 failing on GI patch using RHP. Let’s see how we fixed it…

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Mouhamadou Diaw

Oracle 19c Grid Infrastructure for a cluster

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In this previous blog , we deal with Oracle Restart and ACFS. We saw that using ACFS with Oracle Restart will require some manual tasks. The solution is to install a Grid Infrastructure for a cluster, even if we are only using one node. I am using the same configuration -Oracle 19c -Oracle Linux Server 7.6 -Kernel 4.14.35-1902.2.0.el7uek.x86_64 As we are going to install a GI for a cluster, we will need -Public IP:…

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Steven Naudet

SQL Server AlwaysOn node “Add all eligible storage to the cluster”

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, SQL Server | One Comment

I made a mistake recently when adding a new node to an existing Windows Failover Cluster supporting AlwaysOn SQL Server instances. When adding a new node using the GUI there’s this option checked by default named “Add all eligible storage to the cluster”.   Before performing the operation the disks on the 2 nodes of my cluster were used by the SQL Server instances. Because I’m using the AlwaysOn features the disks are local on…

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Open source Team

No{Join,GroupBy}SQL – Analytic Views for BI

By | Cloud, Oracle | One Comment

By Franck Pachot . Advocates of NoSQL can query their structures without having to read a data model first. And without writing long table join clauses. They store and query a hierarchical structure without the need to follow relationships, and without the need to join tables on a foreign key name, in order to get a caption or description from a lookup table. The structure, like an XML or JSON document, provides metadata to understand…

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Oracle Team

Oracle 12c – global partial index

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By Franck Pachot . We have an incredible number of possibilities with Oracle. Yes, an index can be global (indexing many partitions without having to be partitioned itself on the same key) and partial (skipping some of the table partitions where we don’t need indexing). In the previous post of this series of small examples on recent features I partitioned a table, with covid-19 cases per day and per country, partitioned on range of date…

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Oracle Team

Oracle 12c – reorg and split table with clustering

By | Cloud, Database Administration & Monitoring, Oracle | 2 Comments

By Franck Pachot . In this series of small examples on recent features, I have imported in a previous post, the statistics of covid-19 per day and per countries. This is typical of data that comes as a time-series ordered by date, because this is how it is generated day after day, but where you probably want to query from another dimension, like per countries. If you want to ingest data faster, you keep it…

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