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Dealing with automatic restart and SQL Docker containers

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A couple of weeks ago, a customer asked me how to restart containers automatically after a reboot of the underlying host. In his context, it was not an insignificant question because some containers are concerned by SQL Server databases and he wanted to stay relaxed as long as possible even after a maintenance of the Linux host by sysadmins. The concerned (DEV) environment doesn’t include container orchestration like Swarm or Kubernetes. The interesting point is…

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Stéphane Savorgnano

Windows Server 2016 RTM and Docker

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I wrote some months ago several blog posts about the new Container feature of Windows Server 2016. Here is the list: Windows Server 2016: Containers Windows Containers: Migration Windows Container: installation and utilization Today, I will install the Container feature, install Docker and deploy a container. First of all, I need to enable the Container and the Hyper-V feature, take care if you use VirtualBox because after having enable Hyper-V this won’t work anymore. Windows…

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Stéphane Savorgnano

Windows Server 2016: Containers

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One of the new feature which will come with Windows Server 2016 is the Containers. Microsoft made available its fourth technical preview of his Windows Server 2016 platform  some days ago. This new Technical Preview brings with it and for the first time Hyper-V Containers as the Technical Preview three came with the first release of Windows Server Containers. I will discuss about the difference of those two types of Container later in this blog….

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