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Oracle Team

DataGuard broker properties – Part I: imported parameters

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Oracle | One Comment

By Franck Pachot . When you are using the DataGuard Broker, you should always use the broker (with DGMGRL or OEM) to change the parameters that are managed, rather than changing them with ALTER SYSTEM. But do you know which parameters are concerned? I’ve divided the parameters in two parts. All are set by the broker, but only some of them are read when you add a new database to the configuration.

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Oracle Team

Archivelog deletion policy for Standby Database in Oracle Data Guard

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Oracle | 42 Comments

By Franck Pachot . Do you use ARCHIVELOG DELETION POLICY TO APPLIED ON ALL STANDBY for your Oracle databases in Data Guard? Maybe you also use the Fast Recovery Area as archive log destination. That’s good practice! But did you ever check that it works as expected? What I mean is this: The archived logs that you don’t need are reclaimable by the FRA when space is needed And the archived logs that are required…

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Pierre Sicot

UKOUG Day 3: PL/SQL hints by Tom Kyte & Oracle Active Data Guard

By | Technology Survey | No Comments

Today’s first session I assisted was presented by Tom Kyte. He talked about SQL topics we surely do not know. The first topic concerned the possibility of using the plsql_warning clause with the PL/SQL compiler. This feature exists since version 10.1 but is not widely used. The different values you can define for the plsql_warning with a classical alter session command are: Severe: code might cause unexpected errors or wrong results Performance: code might cause…

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Yann Neuhaus

“ORA-01665: control file is not a standby control file”: what can I do?

By | Database management | 3 Comments

You have certainly also received this error once in you Oracle DBA career: “ORA-01665: control file is not a standby control file” while trying to create a standby database with RMAN through a full database backup. In fact, the feature itself is not very new. It exists since at least RMAN 10g, it is called the “Restore Failover”. In order to create a Data Guard configuration, you need a standby database on the standby server….

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