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Franck Pachot

Database is more than persistence. It is shared. My thoughts about Microservice Database.

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The development teams often see the database as a ‘persistence layer’ only. And sometimes it is mentioned that the database is always the cause of the problems, especially when implementing continuous integration and trying to be agile. Then cames the idea to have this ‘persistence layer’ in an isolated environment, such as a docker container, with the database for each developer. However, this overlooks the real cause of the problems, which is not the persistence…

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Nicolas Jardot

How to read XML database alert log?

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | No Comments

Since Oracle 11g, Oracle maintains two copies of the database’s alertlog in ADR: a flat text file in the sub-directory trace and an XML like in the folder alert. I had a case recently at a customer where the log.xml was moved to another place and compressed for archiving reason. As the regular text file was not containing old data, the goal was to exploit the archived XML -like file. When the file is still located…

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Daniel Westermann

Migrating the Oracle 12cR1 sample schemas to PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server 9.4

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This post takes a look on how to migrate the Oracle 12cR1 sample schemas to PPAS 9.4 (PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server 9.4). I’ll not dig into how to install PPAS as this was described in detail some time ago. Just follow this post if you need a setup guide. If you wonder why I am doing this there are two reasons: to see if it works, to have fun and to learn PostgreSQL and PPAS…

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Stéphane Savorgnano

SQL Server 2016 CTP3.0: Stretch Database enhancements

By | Database management, Technology Survey | No Comments

Some months ago, my colleague Nathan explained you the bases of the new Stretch Database functionality via two blogs here and here. With the new SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.0, Stretch Database now includes new features and enhancements that I will sow you in this blog.   In previous versions of SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.x, before to be allowed to Enable Stretch Database, you had to enable the “Remote Data Archive” option for the…

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Franck Pachot

Trying AppDynamix – monitoring application from user to database

By | Development & Performance, Oracle | No Comments

I like to come upon new monitoring software that help to go quickly from user response time to root cause. And I love applications that can be installed easily and at which I can give a try without reading pages of manual. At DOAG 3rd floor I’ve visited the AppDynamics booth and immediately wanted to install the trial version and give it a try.  

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Pierre Ochsenbein

Instance fails to start automatically

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Recently at a customer I was confronted with a problem of restarting the Oracle Database 12c automatically on a Windows Server 2008 R2 x64. I installed Oracle with a user of service in a domain who has member of the Group ORA_DBA. The authentication service is correctly set with the NTS parameter in the sqlnet.ora file. This Installation has been successfully but after a reboot we can see the database are not OPEN. oracle@********:C:\Users\oracle\…

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David Barbarin

Don’t use the default database file autogrow settings !

By | Application integration & Middleware | No Comments

I often noticed default values for database file autogrow settings during my audits. You don’t trust me? Let me talk about a funny story about an incredible (and extreme) situation that concerns a transaction log file and its default settings. First of all, during my intervention, my customer complained of some performance issues, so I decided to take a look at different areas of its instance. I found some interesting records inside the SQL Server…

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Pierre Sicot

statistics_level parameter

By | Database management | No Comments

With Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c configuring and using the compliance standard utility allows us to discover events we should not have seen in other ways. Today at a customer’s site I discovered the following message:   The configuration Best Practice for Oracle Database discovered the statistics_level parameter was set to the value ALL.   By selecting the Violation in the Configuration Best Practice for Oracle Database, we can display the message:     By…

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Matthieu Munch

SAP HANA SQL scripting optimization: the CE Functions

By | Development & Performance | 2 Comments

In SAP HANA, you have two possibilities to create the Calculated Views: Using the graphical method Using the scripting method with CE functions In this blog, I will demonstrate that CE Functions can improve performances from a Calculated View. First, I will give you some general information regarding the CE Functions. After that, I will show you the two different ways to create a Calculated View. And at the end, I will compare their performances…

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