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Joël Cattin

When unreachable NFS share mess up your Dbvisit Standby configuration

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If I had to rank my favorite Oracle-related tools and software, Dbvisit Standby would likely be at the top of the list. You are reading this post, so you probably know that Dbvisit Standby is a Disaster/Recovery solution for Oracle Database Standard Edition (aka Data Guard for poor people 😛 ). The reasons why I like this product are mostly related to the following points (non-exhaustive list) : Ease of installation and configuration Ease of…

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Marc Wagner

Nutanix Era with oracle databases : Part 1 – Introduction

By | Oracle | No Comments

I’m currently setting up a lab for Nutanix Era in order to be able to provide some presentation on this subject and see how Nutanix Era interacts with Oracle databases. I therefore thought it would be certainly helpful and a good opportunity to share the feedback I’m getting from this experience. The lab has been built using Nutanix Cluster free trial integrated with our AWS Cloud account. This fist blog intends to provide only a…

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Karsten Lenz

Recurring PostgreSQL Installations using RHEL 8 and Clones

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This Blog is a follow up uf one of my older Blogs and my Article at Blog at Article at For RHEL 8 at its clones like AlmaLinux, CentOS, Oracle Linux and Rocky Linux i have written a shell script to automated recurring setups. This is used for a cloud project using own virtual machines. The script automates the steps i have described at my article at The script has an…

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Open source Team

Should CPU-intensive logic be done in the DB or in application server?

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By Franck Pachot . Should CPU-intensive logic be done in the DB or in application server? Here was a answer found in Reddit: Comment from discussion xpiv’s comment from discussion "Should CPU-intensive logic be done in the DB or in application server?". Reducing the CPU usage on the database server is a major cost saver with commercial databases, like Oracle Enterprise Edition where you pay license per core. But even in Open Source, on-premises or…

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Oracle Team

Oracle DB on Azure with Multitenant Option

By | Cloud | 3 Comments

By Franck Pachot . If you want to run an Oracle Database in the Microsoft Azure cloud, you will install it yourself on a VM. And then, you can expect the same as when you install it in your premises, in a virtual environment. Except that Oracle makes it two times more expensive by accepting to license the processor metric on vCPUs at the condition that the Intel core factor is not applied. And in…

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Frank Bléger

How to quickly download the new bunch of 21c Oracle Database documentation?

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Database management, Oracle | 2 Comments

Last month, Oracle released its new 21c version of the database documentation. At that time, I was looking for a quick mean to get all the books of this so-called 21c Innovation Release. I could remember I used a script to get them all in one run. Quick look at google, remembered me I used the one from Christian Antognini which hasn’t been refreshed for a while. In this blog, I will provide you the…

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Julia Gugel

Installing EDB Advanced Server without EDB Repository

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | No Comments

Almost all of us, who already installed Enterprise DB Tools on a Linux server know the procedure. You need to add the EDB Repository to your server or your Red Hat Satellite configuration and after that you can easily install the tools you need. But what happens, if you are not able to add the repository? The answer is really simple: Download the rpms and install them directly on the server.

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Burgert Daniel

Increase your PostgreSQL databases security by checking a few settings Part 2

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Postgres, Security | No Comments

Continuing from my first blog we will check some more access and authentication configurations. Focusing on removing unnecessary database privileges. After that we will configure the backend parameters correctly to have more robust PostgreSQL server/client sessions. And at last SSL encryption for these sessions will be configured.

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Oracle Team

What is a serverless database?

By | AWS, Cloud, Database Administration & Monitoring, Oracle | No Comments

By Franck Pachot . After reading the×8-larry-ellison-picks-amazons-pocket-again/ paper, I am writing some thoughts about how a database can be serverless and elastic. Of course, a database needs a server to process its data. Serverless doesn’t mean that there are no servers. Serverless as not waiting for server provisioning The first idea of “serverless” is about provisioning. In the past when a developer required a new database to start a new project she had to…

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Clemens Bleile

Handle DB-Links after Cloning an Oracle Database

By | Oracle | 2 Comments

By Clemens Bleile After cloning e.g. a production database into a database for development or testing purposes, the DBA has to make sure that no activities in the cloned database have an impact on data in other production databases. Because after cloning production data jobs may still try to modify data through e.g. db-links. I.e. scheduled database jobs must not start in the cloned DB and applications connecting to the cloned database must not modify…

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