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Yann Neuhaus

Flashback to the DOAG conference 2018

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Each year, since the company creation in 2010, dbi services attends the DOAG conference in Nürnberg. Since 2013 we even have a booth. The primary goal of participating to the DOAG Conference, is to get an overview about the main trends in the Oracle business. Furthermore, this conference and our booth allow us to welcome our Swiss and German customers and thank them for their trust. They’re always pleased to receive some nice Swiss Chocolate…

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Clemens Bleile

Technical and non-technical sessions at the DOAG 2018

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The amazing DOAG 2018 conference is over now. As every year we saw great technical as well as great non-technical sessions. What impressed me was the non-technical presentation “Zurück an die Arbeit – Wie aus Business-Theatern wieder echte Unternehmen werden” (back to work – how business theatres become real business company again) provided by Lars Vollmer. It was very funny, but also thought-provoking. Lars started with the provocative sentence that people do work too less….

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Daniel Westermann

DOAG 2018, more and more open source

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We speak about the increasing interest in open source technologies since several years and now, in 2018, you even feel that at the DOAG. There are sessions about PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Docker, Kubernetes and much more. As usual we had to do our hard preparation work before the conference opened to the public and prepare our booth and Michael almost came to his limits (and maybe he was not even sure on what he was doing…

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Pascal Brand

DOAG 2017 – Middleware: Automation and Docker container streams

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End of last Month I participated as presenter to the DOAG 2017. It was interesting to see the growing interest on the automatic deployment tools. I presented the way the Fusion Middleware cloning can be used with such automation tool to lower the time needed to install an environment. The Fusion Middleware cloning is based on a master installation where all patches, configuration, system components are installed and configured. Thus, a real time reduction when…

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Nicolas Jardot

DOAG 2017: Automation in progress

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A week ago, I had the chance to be speaker at the DOAG Konferenz 2017 in Nürnberg. It’s sometimes hard to find time to be at the conferences because the end of year is quite busy at customers. But it’s also important because it’s time for sharing. I can share what I’m working on about automation and patching and I can also see how other people are doing. And it was great for me this…

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