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Franck Pachot

DynamoDB: adding a Global covering index to reduce the cost

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By Franck Pachot . People often think of indexes as a way to optimize row filtering (“get item” faster and cheaper). But indexes are also about columns (“attribute projection”) like some kind of vertical partitioning. In relational (“SQL”) databases we often add more columns to the indexed key. This is called “covering” or “including” indexes, to avoid reading the whole row. The same is true in NoSQL. I’ll show in this post how, even when…

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Morgan Patou

Documentum – Large documents in xPlore indexing

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Documentum is using xPlore for the Full Text indexing/search processes. If you aren’t very familiar with how xPlore is working, you might want to know how it is possible to index large documents or you might be confused about some documents not being indexed (and therefore not searchable). In this blog, I will try to explain how xPlore can be configured to be able to index these big documents without causing too much trouble because…

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Grégory Steulet

Oracle Open World 2018 D1: Top Five MySQL Query Tuning Tips

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Yesterday (22.10.2018) I participated to the Janis Griffin’s session about “Top Five Query Tuning Tips” at #OOW2018. Janis is Senior DBA /Performance Evangelist for SolarWinds and Ace Director. She is specialized in Performance Tuning. She introduces her session by speaking about Challenges of Tuning. “Tuning takes time.”, “You cannot give enough power if SQL is ineficient”, “You therefore have to monitor wait time”. It sounds basic telling that it doesn’t worth adding CPU or memory when…

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Franck Pachot

Covering indexes in Oracle, and branch size

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By Franck Pachot . A covering index is an index that contains all the columns required by your query, so that you don’t have to do a TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID, which is the major cost of an index range scan. You don’t need any special feature to do that in Oracle. Just add the required columns at the end of the index. In the execution plan you will see the columns used as…

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Stephane Biehler

Documentum xPlore: Several ways to start an Index Agent

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In order to start index agents, you have several ways, depending on how you need to start them. 1. Use the documentum job dm_FTIndexAgentBoot. If you setup start_index_agents=T in the server.ini, the job will be called when the docbases are started. 2. Use the web interface: Login to http://server:9200/IndexAgent/ with docbase credentials and select “Start in normal mode” 3. Login to DA and go to Indexing Management -> Index Agents and Index Servers Right click…

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Mouhamadou Diaw

PostgreSQL Index Suggestion With Powa

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A few time ago my colleague Daniel did a blog about POWA. In a nice article he shown how this tool can be used to monitor our PostgreSQL. In this present article I am going to show how this powerful tool can help by suggesting indexes which can optimize our queries. I am using postgeSQL 9.6 [[email protected] extension]# yum install postgresql96-server.x86_64 [[email protected] extension]# yum install postgresql96-contrib.x86_64 And Then I initialize a cluster [[email protected] extension]# /usr/pgsql-9.6/bin/postgresql96-setup…

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Stephane Biehler

Documentum: IndexAgent uninstalled continues to queue requests

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We had a strange behavior by a customer regarding the indexing queue. We used to have two IA configured and we uninstalled one. I figured out that we still had indexing queue requests for the old index agent while it was totally uninstalled. I checked the following objects to see if the agent was still configured somewhere: dm_fulltext_index, dm_ftengine_config, dm_ftindex_agent_config. But the old IA was not declared anymore. The main problem is that it continued…

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