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Oracle Team

Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c: Binaries installation

By | Operation systems | One Comment

In a previous article, I have shown how to configure two servers in order to deploy a two-nodes 12c cluster. This time, I am going to describe the Grid Infrastructure 12c installation process using Oracle Universal Installer (OUI). We assume that cluvfy tool has returned no errors (see previous blog). Install Grid Infrastructure Connect as grid and launch the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) from /software/grid: $ /software/grid/ Starting Oracle Universal Installer… Checking Temp space: must…

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Oracle Team

Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c: prerequisites for installation

By | Operation systems | 8 Comments

Grid infrastructure 12c has recently been released. In this posting, I will show that the installation prerequisites are quite similar between Grid Infrastructure 11g and 12c. We will see parts of them during a review for the deployment of Grid Infrastructure on a two nodes RAC database cluster. Server hardware requirements Let’s see the hardware part. Grid infrastructure 12.1 Grid infrastructure 11.2 Minimal size for /tmp 1 GB 1 GB Minimal size for Grid infrastructure…

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Grégory Steulet

Oracle Database 12c new features: segregation of duties with new administrative roles

By | Database management | No Comments

Starting with Oracle Database 12C Release 1 a set of new administrative privileges that are more task oriented are available.

Before Oracle 12c it was needed to have the SYSDBA privilege to make a backup, to monitor the Data Guard status or to administrate some features of Oracle Transparent Data Encryption. Starting with this new Oracle release it is not anymore the case. We can grant limited administrative privileges to operate an Oracle 12c database.

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Grégory Steulet

Errors while installing Oracle Database Vault on Oracle

By | Database management | 2 Comments

During one of my last consulting missions, I had to install Oracle Database Vault on an existing Oracle environment. It clearly was not a straigthforward process, since I experienced some weird errors such as: ORA-28003: password verification for the specified password failed, ORA-20001: Password length less than 8, and ORA-01917: user or role ‘LBACSYS’ does not exist. After having a look at several log files, I found the root causes of this error. Below, you…

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Microsoft Team

Three basic points on SQL Server Best Practice

By | Technology Survey | No Comments

A few weeks ago, I went to the Swiss Database Days 2013 and followed the “Practical SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting” workshop. During this workshop, I have seen a different way of troubleshooting, but I was surprised to see that some participants were not aware that some basic SQL Server Best Practice do not depend on the instance settings. This blog posting is a reminder of some of these points. Swiss Database Days 2013: SQL Server…

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Open source Team

PostgreSQL : Qu’ai-je installé, Où sont mes données ?

By | Technology Survey | One Comment

Dans mon dernier article sur PostgreSQL, j’ai présenté l’installation du logiciel en explorant les 2 solutions suivantes, l’installation Debian et l’installation EntrepriseDB. Ces deux installations créent immédiatement un cluster de base de données, Debian nous imposant le point de stockage et EntrepriseDB nous proposant de saisir une destination. Je vous propose maintenant d’explorer ce qui a été installé sur votre disque à la mise en route de ce cluster de base et d’analyser les différences entre les deux installations.

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