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Grégory Steulet

FIO (Flexible I/O) – a benchmark tool for any operating system

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I have just attended an interesting session held by Martin Nash (@mpnsh) at UKOUG 14 – Liverpool: “The least an Oracle DBA Should Know about Linux Administration” . During this session I had the opportunity to discover some interesting commands and tools such as FIO (Flexible I/O). FIO is a workload generator that can be used both for benchmark and stress/hardware verification. FIO has support for 19 different types of I/O engines (sync, mmap, libaio, posixaio,…

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Oracle Team

Bug on Oracle 11.2 “ORION FAILS WITH ORA-27061″: Patch available!

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In march 2011, my colleague Gregory Steulet published an article about Simulating and testing I/O performances with Orion. In this article, he wrote about a bug concerning Orion on Oracle 11.2, reported in Oracle bug number 9104898: “ORION FAILS WITH ORA-27061: WAITING FOR ASYNC I/OS FAILED”. Trying to compare performances of storage devices on a virtual machine between a classical and a paravirtual storage adapter, I experienced the same error when using large IOs. I…

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David Hueber

Using IOzone for Linux disk performance analysis

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Who never had to measure the disk performances on a system?

Speaking about Linux performance monitoring includes a significant part on disk performances. If you are facing applications or databases running slower than expected or than on other environments, you may take a look on the I/O performances.
This blog aims to provide to introduction to a pretty interesting tool, iozone…

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Grégory Steulet

Simulating and testing I/O performances with ORION

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Since Oracle 11.2, Oracle provides ORION in the RDBMS binaries (in ${ORACLE_HOME}/bin). ORION is an I/O calibration tool allowing to simulating and testing I/O performances an Oracle database would be confronted with.


ORION basically supports four kinds of database activities based on either small or large I/O. ORION can, as any respectable I/O simulation tool, generate an adapted workload using a given percentage of reads and write operations.

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Yann Neuhaus

Simulating database-like I/O activity with Flexible I/O

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You do not want to install or configure swingbench, load runner etc. – just to test the performance of your I/O system based on filesystems? Then Flexible I/O is the right tool for you. This post provides an overview. In order to simulate Oracle database I/O workload on filesystems, ORION cannot be used since it only uses raw or block devices (scratching the filesystem). To simulate Oracle database I/O behaviour on filesystems, we can use…

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