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Morgan Patou

Documentum – LSS registerOracleVersionView script with wrong content

By | Application integration & Middleware, Entreprise content management | No Comments

As discussed in a previous blog, working with LSS might prove a little bit challenging from time to time. In this blog, I wanted to share an error I saw while installing LSS 16.6.1 on an Oracle database. Initially, I developed my silent installation for LSS (while encapsulate the LSS silent scripts provided by OpenText) using a PostgreSQL database because it’s usually easier to setup an environment on Kubernetes with PG because of licenses.  …

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Elisa Usai

Install CentOS 8 on VirtualBox

By | Operation systems | 5 Comments

Last days, I needed to test our DMK tool for the new MySQL and MariaDB releases on the most recent version of CentOS. Here you can find all important steps to configure a CentOS 8 VM with an Internet connection, a specific hostname and a static IP address, accessible through SSH on VirtualBox.

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Marc Wagner

Adding a dbvisit standby database on the ODA in a non-OMF environment

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | No Comments

I have recently been working on a customer project where I had been challenged adding a dbvisit standby database on an ODA X7-2M, named ODA03. The existing customer environment was composed of Oracle Standard 12.2 version database. The primary database, myDB, is running on server named srv02 and using a non-OMF configuration. On the ODA side we are working with OMF configuration. The dbvisit version available at that time was version 8. You need to…

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Marc Wagner

Migrating Oracle database from windows to ODA

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | 2 Comments

Nowadays I have been working on an interesting customer project where I had to migrate windows oracle standard databases to ODA. The ODAs are X7-2M Models, running version 18.5. This version is coming with Red Hat Enterprise Linx 6.10 (Santiago). Both windows databases and target ODA databases are running PSU But this would definitively also be working for oracle 12c and oracle 18c databases. The databases are licensed with Standard Edition, so migrating through…

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Joël Cattin

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 – Stratis

By | Operation systems | No Comments

The Initial Release (8.0.0) of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is available since May 2019. I’ve already blogged about one of its new feature (AppStream) during the Beta version. In this post I will present Stratis, which is a new local storage-management solution available on RHEL8. Introduction LVM, fdisk, ext*, XFS,… there is plenty of terms, tools and technologies available for managing disks and file systems on a Linux server. In a general way, setting…

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Microsoft Team

Debugging SQL Server containers considerations

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Docker, SQL Server | No Comments

When it comes to troubleshooting processes or to get a deeper look of how SQL Server works internally , I always used debugging tools as windbg on Windows and since SQL Server is available on Linux, I switched to strace tool. But let’s add containers in the game now. I didn’t want to touch any based image for applications including SQL Server with debugging tools added. So, my concern was to figure out how to…

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Jérôme Dubar

Useful Linux commands for an Oracle DBA

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Operation systems, Oracle | 3 Comments

Introduction Oracle & Linux is a great duet. Very powerfull, very scriptable. Here are several commands that make my life easier. These tools seems to be widespread on most of the Linux distributions. watch with diff It’s my favorite tool since a long time. watch can repeat a command indefinitely until you stop it with Ctrl+C. And it’s even more useful with the – -diff parameter. All the differences since last run are highlighted. For…

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