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Marc Wagner

Migrating Oracle database from windows to ODA

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | 2 Comments

Nowadays I have been working on an interesting customer project where I had to migrate windows oracle standard databases to ODA. The ODAs are X7-2M Models, running version 18.5. This version is coming with Red Hat Enterprise Linx 6.10 (Santiago). Both windows databases and target ODA databases are running PSU But this would definitively also be working for oracle 12c and oracle 18c databases. The databases are licensed with Standard Edition, so migrating through…

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Stéphane Savorgnano

How to migrate from on-premise to an Azure SQL Database

By | Cloud, Database management | No Comments

As a SQL Server DBA we have the habit to migrate databases from an instance to another one or to a new environment. But migrate a database from on-premise to the Azure Cloud is an operation that we don’t deal with every day. As a reminder, Azure SQL Database is a relational database-as-a-service (DBaaS) which gives the ability to manage your databases directly from the Cloud with the performance of your choose, reliability, security and…

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David Diab

Documentum – MigrationUtil – 2 – Change Docbase Name

By | Application integration & Middleware, Entreprise content management | No Comments

You are attending the second episode of the MigrationUtil series, today we will change the Docbase Name. If you missed the first one, you can find it here. I did this change on Documentum CS 16.4 with Oracle database, on the same docbase I already used to change the docbase ID. My goal is to do both changes on the same docbase because that’s what I will need in the future.

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Christophe Cosme

Copy or Migrate a SSISDB environment

By | Business Intelligence, Database Administration & Monitoring, Database management, SQL Server | One Comment

Integration catalog is easy to work with and the environments feature is as well very convenient. In SQL Server management Studio, there are a lot of features available to administrate your SQL Server instances, but some are missing that can be very useful. You have the possibility to move an SSISDB environment but this is only possible in another folder of your SSIS catalog. But how if you will to duplicate your environment or move…

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Joël Cattin

From Oracle to Postgres with the EDB Postgres Migration Portal

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Database management, Postgres | No Comments

EnterpriseDB is a valuable actor in PostgreSQL’s world. In addition to provide support, they also deliver very useful tools to manage easily your Postgres environments. Among these we can mention EDB Enterprise Manager, EDB Backup & Recovery Tool, EDB Failover Manager, aso… With this post I will present one of the last in the family, EDB Postgres Migration Portal, a helpful tool to migrate from Oracle to Postgres. To acces to the Portal, use your…

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David Hueber

ODA migration challenges: Non-OMF to OMF + to

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | One Comment

To do some application and performances tests, I had to copy a database from a third party Linux server to an ODA X7-2M. Looks pretty simple on the paper, but 2 small challenges came into the game. The first was that of course the source database was in Non-OMF while ODA works fully in OMF. The second was that the source database is running which is not supported and cannot be installed on the…

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Jérôme Dubar

One command database upgrade on ODA

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | No Comments

The 12.2 finally arrived on ODA and is now available on all generations. Modern ODAs are now supporting, and database engines, and these 3 versions can work together without any problem. You probably plan to upgrade some old databases to the latest engine, at least those still running on 11.2. As you may know, 11.2  is no more supported with premier support since January 2015: it’s time to think about an upgrade….

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