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Franck Pachot

From 8.0 extended rowid to 12c pluggable db: Why Oracle Database is still a great software

By | Database management, Oracle | 4 Comments

By Franck Pachot . Do you know why Oracle Database is a leader in the database market since 30 years? Do you know any other software that is still the leading solution after decades? I think that it is because Oracle has been a good software from the get-go. Many early decisions in the software architecture have revealed themselves later to be the right decision. Several decisions, such as the C language that made it…

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Oracle Team

How to remap tablespaces using Oracle Import/Export Tool

By | Database management | One Comment

Since Oracle 10g, Oracle provides a great tool to import and export data from databases: Data Pump. This tool offers several helpful options, particularly one that allows to import data in a different tablespace than the source database. This parameter is REMAP_TABLESPACE. However, how can you do the same when you cannot use Data Pump to perform Oracle import and export operations? I was confronted with this issue recently, and I had to deal with…

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Oracle Team

LOB : « enq : HW contention » 

By | Hardware & Storage | No Comments

AprĂ©s le post sur « Utilisons les securefile Â», revenons sur le sujet LOB avec une approche performance, stockage.

 Nous rencontrons parfois des modèles de donnĂ©es Ă©tranges, nous aurions envies en tant que DBA de tout reprendre Ă  zĂ©ro pour refaire un modele relationnel en 3em forme normal (3NF), plus efficace et mieux conçu dans notre « RDBMS Â» favori, mais la rĂ©alitĂ© Ă©tant ce qu’elle est nous devons faire avec et au mieux.

De plus Oracle n’est pas qu’une base de donnĂ©es relationnelle 🙂 on l’oublie trop souvent.

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Hervé Schweitzer

RMAN backup is failing due to “corrupt blocks”

By | Hardware & Storage | No Comments

Last week, I was not able to complete a backup because of the ORA-19566 error: “exceeded limit of 0 corrupt blocks”. Here is what you can do to fix it. Starting Point: backup error Here is the starting point of this case. The following error is found in the RMAN Backup log file: allocated channel: ch1 channel ch1: sid=25 devtype=DISK Starting backup at 27-APR-11 channel ch1: starting incremental level 0 datafile backupset channel ch1: specifying…

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Yann Neuhaus

How to retrieve previous table statistics using Oracle dbms_stats

By | Application integration & Middleware | 4 Comments

Sometimes, you need to modify the statistics of a table. There are various reasons: either for the performance analysis or because the execution plan changed. Oracle offers two methods: statistics restore or statistics export. Both are in the dbms_stats package. 1. Statistics restore This method uses the procedure dbms_stats.restore_%_stats, where % can be table, schema, database, and fixed_objects. This is an example for a restoration of a table with definite timestamp. The starting situation is:…

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Grégory Steulet

Stop looking for Oracle and MySQL documentation: use the dbi services firefox add-ons!

By | Database management | 2 Comments

Are you often trying to find some functionalities into ORACLE 10gR2, ORACLE 11gR2 or MySQL documentation ? Of course each time you are looking for this documentation you find unofficial documentation which is never corresponding to the version you are looking for.. we have the solution, three firefox add-ons that will allow you to easily find the right official Oracle or MySQL documentation you are looking for.

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