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Daniel Westermann

Patching PostgreSQL to a new minor release

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | 3 Comments

If you are used to patch Oracle databases you probably know how to use opatch to apply PSUs. How does PostgreSQL handle this? Do we need to patch the existing binaries to apply security fixes? The answer is: No. Lets say you want to patch PostgreSQL from version 9.4.1 to version 9.4.5. What do you need to do? For this little demo I’ll create a new database and a sample table in my 9.4.1 instance:…

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Oracle Team

Oracle OPatch and “Archive not applied” error

By | Database management | One Comment

Recently, I have installed an Oracle RDBMS on a server, and I wanted to install the latest Patch Set Update (PSU) from October 2014. During the execution, I fell on the error “Archive not applied” and the job failed. This is how to quickly fix this issue. While installing the PSU from October 2014 on my Oracle database server, I experienced the following error: The following actions have failed: Archive not…

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Oracle Team

Oracle OEM Cloud Control – agent upgrade & patch

By | Database management | No Comments

The new Oracle OEM Cloud Control release migration makes it necessary for the DBA to migrate the old agent version to If your infrastructure has a huge number of agents and if you want to apply the agent patches to the upgraded agents, this might be a very time-consuming job. However, there is a way to realize the operation in just one shot. In my example, we have an agent in version…

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Gérard Wisson

Documentum upgrade project – D2EventSenderMailMethod & bug with Patch 12

By | Application integration & Middleware | No Comments

We started the Documentum upgrade in the wintertime and our jobs ran successfully by following the defined schedule. Once we moved to the summertime we hit an issue: A job that was scheduled for instance at 4:00 AM was executed at 4:00 AM, but also started every 2 minutes until 5:00 AM. We had this issue on all our 6.7SP2P009 repositories – on upgraded as well as on new repositories. Before opening an SR in…

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