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Stéphane Savorgnano

How to avoid Failover Cluster with PowerShell scripting

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One of my colleague asked me some days ago if I could create a PowerShell script to get rid from Windows Server Failover Cluster. The reason is that it has, in some specific cases, the bad habit to failover a resource or a service even when we don’t want it. To be honest, I use a lot the Failover Cluster feature of Windows Server without any problems as a SQL Server DBA, but for this specific…

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Stéphane Haby

SQL Server 2012: Configuring your TCP Port via Powershell

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Changing the default TCP port 1433 for SQL Server is an important step for securing your SQL Server. I have written a script in PowerShell to modify the port number that helps me perform this task. This blog posting will show you how to do it. Please note that the code in this article is for SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012. Initialization Run SQLPS to launch the SQL PowerShell in a command prompt. First…

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Stéphane Haby

A brief PowerShell 2.0 overview

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SQL server 2008 has PowerShell and at the end of this article, I speak of this topic but to use correctly Powershell, you must have a basic notion about this technologie.

In microsoft Techdays in Basel, Marc van Orsouw presents Powershell.
I think it was a nice opportunity to presents you an overview of Powershell based on this

presentation with adding microsoft msdn web site commentar.

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