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Hervé Schweitzer

Adding new tables to an existing Oracle GoldenGate replication

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Once a replication environment is set up, it’s rarely forever. Adding tables to an Oracle GoldenGate replication group with minimal impact to the current replication is quite a difficult operation. This posting should help you with this task. In the example below, tables from schema G001 will be added to an existing replication setup from the database PROD1 to REP1. CFG_ADV_COND CFG_NARRATIVE_TEMPLATE CFG_REG_REPORT_RULES CMN_LOOKUP CMN_USER_LOGIN   Stop the replication environment Connect to the source database PROD1 and…

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Grégory Steulet

MySQL Data High Availability with semi-synchronous replication

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Starting with MySQL 5.5 it is possible to configure semi-synchronous replication. As you probably know, by default, MySQL replication is asynchronous.  Asynchronous replication means that events/transactions applied on one server are not immediately applied on the other one. In the specific context of MySQL such behavior means that the MySQL Master writes transactions/events to the local binary logs, however it has no idea when the slave(s) will get and process them. Of course such configuration can lead, in case of failover, to some transaction loss since there is no guaranty that the transactions have been transmitted on the standby server(s).

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