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Stéphane Haby

SQL Server 2017: Python server

By | Technology Survey | 2 Comments

After my article SQL Server 2017: first steps with Python Service, I write this article about my first test with the Python Server feature in SQL Server 2017. The installation is very simple, in the features Selection window, you have in the Shared Features, you have a Machine Learning Server (Standalone) with R and Python. I check Python to install the Python Server and here we go. Like for the Python services, you need to…

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Stéphane Haby

SQL Server 2017: first steps with Python Service

By | Development & Performance, Technology Survey | No Comments

Last year, I written blogs about SQL Server 2016 and his integration from the R language. Just for information, you can find these blogs about SQL Server 2016 R Services here: SQL Server 2016: R Services SQL Server 2016 – R Services Tips: How to find installed packages using T-SQL? Now, the next version of SQL Server, named officially SQL Server 2017 integrate also the language Python. The first step is to install the Python…

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Microsoft Team

SQL Server 2017 AlwaysOn AGs and new read-scale architectures

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | 6 Comments

As you probably know Microsoft announced an official name for SQL Server vNext during the last Microsoft Data Amp event on April 19 2017. It becomes officially SQL Serve 2017. In my first blog post, I wrote about SQL Server on Linux and the introduction of availability groups features. At this moment the SQL Server release version was CTP 1.3. As a reminder, with previous CTP releases, listeners were unusable because they did not persist when…

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