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Franck Pachot

Observing DML restarts caused by invalidations

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By Franck Pachot . Usually, cursor invalidations do not interrupt the current execution of the cursor. You can even drop a table while a query on it is running and the query may end successfully. However some invalidations will throw internal errors that are catch and the cursor execution restarts transparently. I’ve reproduced one here to show the symptoms: it’s a different EXEC_SQL_ID so the restarts are not accounted within the same SQL Monitoring.

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Pascal Brand

Documentum story – User gets kicked out of D2 when navigating in D2Config

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On a customer site, one of the users complained about being kicked out each time he wanted to create new documents in D2. This issue is happening in a default deployment of D2 and D2Config in a WebLogic Domain.We found out that the user sessions for D2Config and D2 are conflicting together. This issue occurs if D2Config and D2 applications are opened in the same browser using different TABs and if the user is navigating…

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Gérard Wisson

Documentum story – dm_LogPurge and dfc.date_format

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What is the relation between dfc.date_format and dm_LogPurge? This is the question we had to answer as we hit an issue. An issue with the dm_LogPurge job. As usual once a repository has been created we are configuring several Documentum jobs for the housekeeping. One of them is the dm_LogPurge. It is configured to run once a day with a cutoff_days of 90 days. So all ran fine until we did another change. On request of…

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Stephane Biehler

Documentum Administrator UCF Troubleshooting

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Maybe you had some issues with UCF in DA as me. I had this for no reason since few days at a customer. The problem was that we use SSL with DA and the Unified Content Facilities (UCF) wasn’t happy about it. Thus, in this short blog I’ll speak about troubleshooting UCF. The error I got happened when trying to edit, view or create documents; I had a popup saying an error occured with UCF….

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Stéphane Haby

SSISDB is too big and it is not every time the retention period’s fault!

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In all blogs that I read, the solution is just to change the retention period to a reasonable value. Yes, it is true but in some case you need to go deeper in the analysis… Like you, I changed the retention period, ran the cleanup but finally, I had always a big database… Why, Why, Why? My first step for this analysis, is to see in the SSISDB, the Disk Usage by Table Reports from…

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Daniel Westermann

quickly exchange code or text between workstations or teams

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In a recent project I faced the following situation: One the one hand I had to execute scripts on a customer’s workstation while on the other hand I had to integrate the results of these scripts into a report on my own workstation. The question was how to efficiently do this without sending dozens of mails to myself. One solution would be to create one script which produces all output and send the results by…

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Oracle Team

Oracle OPatch and “Archive not applied” error

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Recently, I have installed an Oracle RDBMS on a server, and I wanted to install the latest Patch Set Update (PSU) from October 2014. During the execution, I fell on the error “Archive not applied” and the job failed. This is how to quickly fix this issue. While installing the PSU from October 2014 on my Oracle database server, I experienced the following error: The following actions have failed: Archive not…

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