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Stéphane Haby

SSISDB is too big and it is not every time the retention period’s fault!

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Database management, Technology Survey | 2 Comments

In all blogs that I read, the solution is just to change the retention period to a reasonable value. Yes, it is true but in some case you need to go deeper in the analysis… Like you, I changed the retention period, ran the cleanup but finally, I had always a big database… Why, Why, Why? My first step for this analysis, is to see in the SSISDB, the Disk Usage by Table Reports from…

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Daniel Westermann

quickly exchange code or text between workstations or teams

By | Database management | One Comment

In a recent project I faced the following situation: One the one hand I had to execute scripts on a customer’s workstation while on the other hand I had to integrate the results of these scripts into a report on my own workstation. The question was how to efficiently do this without sending dozens of mails to myself. One solution would be to create one script which produces all output and send the results by…

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Oracle Team

Oracle OPatch and “Archive not applied” error

By | Database management | One Comment

Recently, I have installed an Oracle RDBMS on a server, and I wanted to install the latest Patch Set Update (PSU) from October 2014. During the execution, I fell on the error “Archive not applied” and the job failed. This is how to quickly fix this issue. While installing the PSU from October 2014 on my Oracle database server, I experienced the following error: The following actions have failed: Archive not…

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Gérard Wisson

Documentum upgrade project – ActiveX and D2-Client 3.1Sp1

By | Application integration & Middleware | No Comments

This is another blog posting an our Documentum upgrade project. This time, the following issue occured: the ActiveX could not be installed using the D2-Client. We had to access the D2-Config url to have it installed. For a normal user, this could not be used. Analyzes The workstation had the ActiveX for D2 3.0 installed, the version before the upgrade. Under C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files, we had: ctx ctx.ocx D2UIHelper.dll On my workstation where I could…

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David Barbarin

SQL Server 2014: sys.dm_exec_query_profiles, a new promising feature

By | Application integration & Middleware | 3 Comments

Among the hidden features provided by SQL Server 2014 there is a very interesting dynamic management view named sys.dm_exec_query_profiles. This feature will help the database administrators and experienced developers to troubleshoot long running queries in real-time. I’m pretty sure you had to deal with the following questions: When will this query finish? What percentage of total workload is performed by this request? Which steps are the longest? Before SQL Server 2014 it was impossible to…

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Oracle Team

Oracle TNS_ADMIN issues due to bad environment settings

By | Database management | 2 Comments

Recently, I faced a TNS resolution problem at a customer. The reason was a bad environment setting: The customer called the service desk because of a DBLINK pointing to a bad database. The users were supposed to be redirected to a development database, and the DBLINK was redirecting to a validation database instead. The particularity of the environment is that development and validation databases are running on the same server, but on different Oracle homes, each…

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Morgan Patou

Kerberos SSO with Documentum D2 3.1 SP1

By | Application integration & Middleware | 2 Comments

Last week, when I was working on how to setup the Kerberos SSO for D2 3.1 SP1, I faced some issues due to a documentation that doesn’t seem to be up to date… In fact, our version is D2 3.1 SP1 and there is no specific documentation for SP1. In consequence, I read the D2 3.1 Installation Guide and the D2 4.0 Installation Guide. The first time I read the D2 3.1 documentation, I found…

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