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Gérard Wisson

Documentum upgrade project – ActiveX and D2-Client 3.1Sp1

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This is another blog posting an our Documentum upgrade project. This time, the following issue occured: the ActiveX could not be installed using the D2-Client. We had to access the D2-Config url to have it installed. For a normal user, this could not be used. Analyzes The workstation had the ActiveX for D2 3.0 installed, the version before the upgrade. Under C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files, we had: ctx ctx.ocx D2UIHelper.dll On my workstation where I could…

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Microsoft Team

SQL Server 2014: sys.dm_exec_query_profiles, a new promising feature

By | Application integration & Middleware | 3 Comments

Among the hidden features provided by SQL Server 2014 there is a very interesting dynamic management view named sys.dm_exec_query_profiles. This feature will help the database administrators and experienced developers to troubleshoot long running queries in real-time. I’m pretty sure you had to deal with the following questions: When will this query finish? What percentage of total workload is performed by this request? Which steps are the longest? Before SQL Server 2014 it was impossible to…

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Oracle Team

Oracle TNS_ADMIN issues due to bad environment settings

By | Database management | 3 Comments

Recently, I faced a TNS resolution problem at a customer. The reason was a bad environment setting: The customer called the service desk because of a DBLINK pointing to a bad database. The users were supposed to be redirected to a development database, and the DBLINK was redirecting to a validation database instead. The particularity of the environment is that development and validation databases are running on the same server, but on different Oracle homes, each…

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Morgan Patou

Kerberos SSO with Documentum D2 3.1 SP1

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Last week, when I was working on how to setup the Kerberos SSO for D2 3.1 SP1, I faced some issues due to a documentation that doesn’t seem to be up to date… In fact, our version is D2 3.1 SP1 and there is no specific documentation for SP1. In consequence, I read the D2 3.1 Installation Guide and the D2 4.0 Installation Guide. The first time I read the D2 3.1 documentation, I found…

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Franck Pachot

Investigating Oracle lock issues with event 10704

By | Database management, Oracle | 4 Comments

By Franck Pachot . Did you ever encounter unexplained Oracle lock issues? They may be coming from unindexed foreign keys (which is worse in 11g). It’s not easy to monitor. Of course you can check Oracle locks from V$LOCKED_OBJECT, but that is a solution only for locks that remain. Some Oracle locks are there only for a short duration. How do you check which lock is acquired by a statement? Event 10704 is the solution. I’ll show…

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Oracle Team

Troubleshooting: ORA-29283 when oracle is member of a group with read/write privileges

By | Database management | 7 Comments

Recently, I worked on an Oracle database migration for a customer and I faced a strange behavior when accessing a file stored on the file system of the Oracle database. The database has been migrated on a new server, and consolidated with existing databases. Several jobs are running into the database and need to access the file system to read or write some files. A particular file is received daily from a remote job over…

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Franck Pachot

Oracle is hanging? Don’t forget hanganalyze and systemstate!

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By Franck Pachot . sqlplus / as sysdba oradebug setmypid oradebug unlimit oradebug hanganalyze 3 oradebug dump ashdumpseconds 30 oradebug dump systemstate 266 oradebug tracefile_name Your Oracle database – production DB, of course – is hanging. All users are blocked. You quickly check the obvious suspects (archivelog destination full, system swapping, etc.) but it’s something else. Even you, the Oracle DBA, cannot do anything: any select is hanging. And maybe you’re even not able to…

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Stéphane Savorgnano

SQL Server 2012 SP1: Sixth Cumulative Update (CU6) available

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Some days ago, Microsoft published the sixth Cumulative Update (CU6) for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack one, two months after the fifth one. As usual, if this Cumulative Update solves an issue you are facing, install it quickly – otherwise, do not install it and just have a look at it. Which issues are covered by this CU6? It is a small CU, it contains only 23 Hotfixes, mainly for the Engine and Analysis…

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Grégory Steulet

Errors while installing Oracle Database Vault on Oracle

By | Database management | 2 Comments

During one of my last consulting missions, I had to install Oracle Database Vault on an existing Oracle environment. It clearly was not a straigthforward process, since I experienced some weird errors such as: ORA-28003: password verification for the specified password failed, ORA-20001: Password length less than 8, and ORA-01917: user or role ‘LBACSYS’ does not exist. After having a look at several log files, I found the root causes of this error. Below, you…

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