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Mouhamadou Diaw

Migrating From Oracle Non-CDB 19c to Oracle 20c

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Oracle | 2 Comments

With Oracle 20c, the non-multitenant architecture is no longer supported. So, people will have to migrate their databases to container if they want to use Oracle 20c. There are many methods to transform a non-cdb database to a pluggable one. -Datapump -Full Trabsportable Tablespaces -Plugging non-cdb database , upgrade the plugged database and then convert -Upgrading the non-cdb database, then plug it the container and then convert it ( But I am not sure that…

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Morgan Patou

Documentum – Rename of Lockbox on RCS/CFS

By | Application integration & Middleware, Enterprise content management | No Comments

As you probably know, Documentum introduced the optional use of a Lockbox since version 7. It was done initially to contribute to the security of the AEK key which is one of the central components of a Content Server. Time showed that, well, it’s not so easy and since then, nothing much changed on the Lockbox layer. With the version 16.4, OpenText introduced some new things regarding the Lockbox like the upgrade from version 3…

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Morgan Patou

WebLogic – Upgrade of Java

By | Application integration & Middleware | No Comments

If you are used to Java, you probably know that there are really important security fixes published every quarter in the Java Critical Patch Update (CPU) and it’s really important to keep it up to date. It’s always easy to upgrade your Java installation, you just have to deploy the new version entirely. In most cases, it’s also pretty easy to update the Components that are using Java (E.g.: Application Servers like Apache Tomcat), since…

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Marc Wagner

RMAN catalog upgrade, why, when and how

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Oracle | 5 Comments

One of our customer has been initially creating a RMAN catalog on an Oracle database release and was now intending to register new Oracle databases. Registering the databases will be failing with errors : PL/SQL package RCAT.DBMS_RCVCAT version in RCVCAT database is too old RMAN-06429: RCVCAT database is not compatible with this version of RMAN

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David Hueber

ODA migration challenges: Non-OMF to OMF + to

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | One Comment

To do some application and performances tests, I had to copy a database from a third party Linux server to an ODA X7-2M. Looks pretty simple on the paper, but 2 small challenges came into the game. The first was that of course the source database was in Non-OMF while ODA works fully in OMF. The second was that the source database is running which is not supported and cannot be installed on the…

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Oracle Team

PDB upgrade from 12c to 18c

By | Oracle | 4 Comments

By Franck Pachot . Oracle 18c is out, in the Oracle Cloud, and the first thing I do with a new version is testing how long it takes to upgrade a previous version PDB by unplug/plug. Faster upgrade should be the benefit of having a slim dictionary where the system objects are reduced to metadata links and data links. However, it looks like upgrading the PDB dictionary still takes the same time as upgrading the…

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Jérôme Dubar

One command database upgrade on ODA

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | 4 Comments

The 12.2 finally arrived on ODA and is now available on all generations. Modern ODAs are now supporting, and database engines, and these 3 versions can work together without any problem. You probably plan to upgrade some old databases to the latest engine, at least those still running on 11.2. As you may know, 11.2  is no more supported with premier support since January 2015: it’s time to think about an upgrade….

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Mouhamadou Diaw

Upgrade to Oracle 12.2 with dbupgrade utility

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | 6 Comments

Oracle 12.2 is released and we will have to upgrade. And in this blog we are going to talk about upgrading to oracle 12.2 using the dbupgrade utility. Of course the dbua tool is still available and can be also used. Oracle Database 12.1 introduced the Parallel Upgrade Utility, This utility reduces the total amount of time it takes to perform an upgrade by loading the database dictionary in parallel, and by using multiple…

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