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This year, I had the opportunity to attend the UKOUG 2016 which took place in Birmingham. This event normally begin on Monday but each year, there is a complimentary afternoon with high technical presentation for those who are registered for the Tech16 called super Sunday.

For this first Super Sunday afternoon at UKOUG 2016, I followed 2 sessions and I participated to an hands on lab around the cloud.

The 1st session was very interesting with lost of useful information about APEX and nodeJS.

This session was called NodeJS & Oracle – A Match Made in Heaven and the presenter, Mr Trond Enstad, focused the session to demonstrate the power of using Node.js.

He installed, Node.js, an Oracle Database client and created Node.js config file extracting sar command informations storing them in a remote Oracle Database. After that, he quickly created D3 charts in APEX showing real time monitoring of those stored information. I’m really enthousiaste to do some tests.

The 2nd session “Auto REST Enabling Your Tables, Views, & More With SQL Developer & REST Data Services” from Mr Jeff Smith was also interesting providing useful information about the ORDS product from Oracle.

After these 2 interesting sessions, I followed an Oracle Cloud Platform Hands On Lab called “Cloud Native Stack on Oracle Bare Metal Compute”.

In this labs, we created a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) in which we were able to create a bare metal instance with Oracle Linux 7.2. Once launched, we installed MongoDB, we setup Node.js and MEAN.js. At the end, we were able to access the mean home page.

It was interesting to see how fast, we were able to provision a Bare Metal instance to install application components on it.

See you tomorrow for other interesting sessions.

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Arnaud Berbier
Arnaud Berbier

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