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Documentum story – User gets kicked out of D2 when navigating in D2Config

On a customer site, one of the users complained about being kicked out each time he wanted to create new documents in D2. This issue is happening in a default deployment of D2 and D2Config in a WebLogic Domain.We found out that the user sessions for D2Config and D2 are conflicting together.
This issue occurs if D2Config and D2 applications are opened in the same browser using different TABs and if the user is navigating from D2 to D2Config and vice versa.
The error message is misleading as it shows a session time out and the user just signed in   .

D2 session timeout

Using a HTTP Header tracing tool, we saw that the JSESSIONID cookie which is the cookie storing the HTTP Session for the Java applications is changing when switching from one application to the other. This showed us that both Java Application were using the same session cookie which conduct to session lost.

Workaround or Fix:
An easy fix for this is to update the D2 weblogic.xml file included in the D2.war file with a section defining a new session cookie name as shown below:


To proceed, follow the steps below:

  1. Extract the weblogic.xml file from the war file
    mkdir mytemp
    cd mytemp
    -- Put the D2.war file here
    jar xvf D2.war WEB-INF/weblogic.xml
  2. Edit the file and add the session-descriptor bloc above just after the Description closing TAG.
  3. Update the D2.war file with the new weblogic.xml
    jar uvf D2.war WEB-INF/weblogic.xml
  4. And finally redeploy the D2.war file to the WebLogic Server.

This fix has been submitted to and validated by EMC support.



    I am facing a similar issue in Webtop, Can you please explain provide more information on the fix used.

    • Pascal Brand says:


      For webtop running in WebLogic Server, you need to modify the weblogic.xml file as described in this document but additionally, you need to configure the http_session_identifier tag in the /wdk/app.xml

      Hope this helps,


  • Marian says:

    Hi Pascal – we having the same issue now with D2 16.4. We changed bot, the weblogic.xml in D2 app as well as app.xml in DA. When I debug all after the restart (D2, DA, D2-config), the JSESSIONID default stays in, my new name is not picked up. Any ideas what else I need to do ?

  • Pascal Brand says:

    Hello Marian,
    Sorry for my late reply. I was out for some time.
    After changing the weblogic.xml in D2.war, did you redeploy it to the WebLogic Server ?
    Don’t change it in the WebLogic server tmp files as it might be overwriten at startup or not taken in account depending on the staging configuration.

    Hope this helps,

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