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Michael Hein

utl_dbws causes ORA-29532 and bad_record_mac

After installing OJVM patch set update APR-2017 on a database with PSU APR-2017 installed, first call of utl_dbws package was successful, but after a while utl_dbws calls failed always with ORA-29532 and bad_record_mac. All Java objects remained valid.
Also after trying procedures described in MOS document 2314363.1 utl_dbws worked first time, after that it always failed.
We could observe that after a while after restarting database m000 process ran and tried to recompile Java classes. When waiting till m000 finished utl_dbws always succeeded.
The m000 process start was caused by parameter setting JAVA_JIT_ENABLED to TRUE.

When setting JAVA_JIT_ENABLED to false, utl_dbws always worked fine. Probably locking of java classes by application prevented to recompile them properly.

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Michael Hein
Michael Hein