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Windows 10: The new features

First, it should have been Windows 9, but finally the new Microsoft operating system is named Windows 10! In the same way as for my blog post on Windows 8, I have decided to write a few words about the new features of Windows 10.

Why 10?

It’s a good question and I have read many articles about it. First, I read that Windows 9 is the Windows 8.1 version, then its logic to have 10 for the next version.

Another explanation is that Microsoft now has the same concurrency number as Apple with MAC OS 10…

My preferred version is that a lot of software has in the code:

if(version.StartsWith("Windows 9"))
{ /* 95 and 98 */
} else {

But Microsoft says that this version is a major upgrade and this is why it’s 10! 😛

The Preview is available!

Like Windows 8, Windows 10 is for desktops and tablets, but the news has it that the user interface will adjust accordingly to his hardware environment.
You can download the first preview here.

Available in English (UK and US), Chinese and Portugese (Brazil) but not in French or German.

I suppose Portugese (Brazil) for the Carnival in 2015 or the Summer Olympics in 2016 – -> good dates for having the RTM! 😀
When you install the preview, you have a link to the presentation from Joe Belfiore (Vice President Windows) directly on your desktop
You can also see it on Youtube:



I am very curious and I will rapidly present just a few of the new features that I have tested in this blog.

Start Menu comeback!

I can say “back to the Future”! On the desktop version, you will see the new “Old Start Menu”.

It’s very good to come back to a real Start Menu…

But if you like the new version you can easily go to the Windows 8 “Moderns UI” by Right-click on taskbar > Properties.

Go to the “Start Menu” tab and uncheck “Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen”. To implement this, you need to sign out.





Multiple Virtual Desktops

A real new feature is a good idea coming from Linux and Mac OS X: “Multiple Virtual Desktops”. It’s not the official name and I haven’t see one.

A new button on task view allows you to run a new “Virtual Desktop” and you can select and jump between them very easily.

We can customized each desktop to different environments like one for Test, one for UAT and one for Production. For example, these can help us to apply the good script or patching with RDP Connections, putty or other connection tools in the good environment in our Service Desk!


Divide and conquer!

Another new feature is to slip the screen.
It’s very a good feature for me when I write a blog and I can test and create screenshots of the same screen and not every time switch from one to the other.



A few Tips

A Little Bonus with 3 Tips that I have tested:

1.    You Can Pin the Recycle Bin to The Start Menu and Taskbar





2.    You can use Ctrl-V inside the command prompt (the GREAT cmd update!)




Use Ctrl-V, it is magic:


 3.    You have a new section in the File explorer with Frequents used Folder Locations


I will probably wait until the next release to test the voice assistant know as Cortana coming from Windows Phone.

It’s not available in this version and I know that a colleague of mine awaits this feature with impatience (right, David S.?)… “I am David. How can I help you?” – dixit Windows Phone

I have not tested all new features.
But if you are curious like me, just install and play with this preview 🙄

Windows 10 resources

To conclude my post, let me give you some good links!

My video selection:
Introducing Windows 10 – the best Windows yet
Windows 10: Enterprise Features & Core Experience for Businesses

Preview download:

Good articles:

Bonus – News for Internet Explorer:

Like I said, the best way is to test it!

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